October 19, 2021

the best amazon phone bag

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amazon phone bag review 1:

It’s the perfect size for me. I can fit my wallet, phone, passport, chapstick, a pen, some paper, hand moisturizer. It’s very sturdy and holds up well, the zippers are good quality, and the adjustable strap is very good. You can also detach the strap from the top and put it through the loops on the back, and then through your pants loops and it’s kinda like a fanny pack.


review 2:

We got one each for my family on our recent trip and absolutely love the functionality. We could fit large cell phones (iPhone X, LGV35, etc)

with their protective cases on, and still fit a passport, wallet, and other smaller essentials like lip balm, sunblock, etc.

We were constantly wearing these for two weeks, and they held up really well, still looking “new” even after several treks up and down several mountains through various weather conditions.


amazon phone bag review 3:

Hiking or just walking the dog is a pain when you need to carry your phone and keys and a bit of money and your glasses. All these items fit in this very handy and well-designed shoulder bag. A larger phone like an iPhone 8 Plus is safe in this bag but isn’t in most jeans or pants pockets. Similarly, you always know where your keys are. Everything is safe and handy. I’m very glad I bought this item!


review 4:

A perfect little bag for holding my insulin pump, by telephone, a pen, ID and a few other small items for use around my assisted living facility. I don’t have to carry a purse downstairs when I leave my room. I never thought I could get along without a big purse.


amazon phone bag review 5:

This is a keeper, though I did remove the huge logo from the front, I can’t imagine going around with that on it. It has a few compartments. I use it to store my keys, cell phone, and my thin wallet when I am out and about. My friends call it my man-purse. But it doesn’t look feminine at all to me. I like that is has a long shoulder strap so I can pull it over my head onto my shoulder and its sides on one side. It a very nice case and does exactly what I need it to do.


review 6:

Most importantly no more Big purse for me!! I can strap this around my shoulder, or waist like a Fannie pack, or a short handle… I have an iPhone 6S in an otterbox, my ID case, my keys, my sleek cell phone charger, lipstick, gum all sorts of little things that all fit in this crossbody purse.


amazon phone bag review 7:

I was looking for a little purse to replace my 300 lb. backpack. My Galaxy S8 fits perfectly, with room to spare. I can carry my cash, credit cards, and lip balm as well. However I just wish they had more color choices.



review 8:

This is a great little bag. I bought this for my husband after he had a stroke. As a result it helps keep him organized. Everything is secure and easy to access what he needs. It holds his wallet, cell phone, keys, business cards, small note pad, and pen. It’s held up well for three years. Buying him a new one now.


amazon phone bag review 9:

Much smaller than I expected, as it can only hold my iPhone 7plus and wallet. But it works great as a small manpurse to carry those items when I go to Six Flags often.


review 10:

When I first saw it I thought it might be too small. However, traveling in countries where you need to keep your passport on you, it is perfect. Therefore it fits a cell phone and passport perfectly and it is not cumbersome. Under a jacket, you can’t see it.


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