October 19, 2021

The Best Hobo Hand Bags Reviews

It feels like my age since I picked up any of my structured best hobo handbags that are now gathering dust in my closet.

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It feels like my age since I picked up any of my structured hobo handbags that are now gathering dust in my closet. Since I worked from home in May, my bag choices have been similar to my clothes—smooth, slouchy silhouettes, easy, and unstructured in place of the office-ready polish.

If you’re looking to wear the cool girl’s bag on your shoulders this season, take a peek at our favorite hobo handbags below that are fresh, modern, effortless, and unabashedly gorgeous—perfect to pair with every ensemble this season.

Review 1

I love this bag! This is my 3rd Sak purchase and I have been happy every time! The quality keeps me buying this brand! It is a darker gray color with a hint of brown. My sister-in-law bought one after seeing mine! Very satisfied customer!

Review 2

I usually spend once a year (around Christmas) on a nice, quality wallet. I am very picky about the placement of the bag, the material, etc. I really prefer a shoulder strap and it’s not as easy to find as you might think, especially since I didn’t want a crossbody style. I feel like with two straps one strap always falls off my shoulder.

I also like the flat vs. rounded straps and I like a large strap drop. This wallet has a zipper on the outside, but flip the wallet over and there is also a small open pocket, perfect for my cellphone.

If I have to put my phone in the bag or even in a zippered pocket, I just don’t hear it. Having quick access is essential for me when selecting a wallet. But I also need to feel like it’s protected and not going to fall out. The outer material should be leather, but I’m not 100% sure. It certainly doesn’t smell like leather.

I love the interior lining which also has two open pockets and a zip pocket. This wallet is a big, medium. I’m not a fan of hanging key chains so they had to go. Overall love this bag but declined a star due to questionable leather quality.

Review 3

First of all, I would like to say that I buy a lot of stuff from amazon every week and never rate the products. I am very picky about handbags and own a ton of them, probably around 30. I was looking for a quality new everyday wallet, not too big like the other tote bags I own, and not too small.

This wallet is perfect! It has a strap which is nice because it doesn’t slip off easily if your shoulder is off, has a light liner so you can really see what’s in the bag and quickly find what you’re looking for. It is neither too small nor too big. I love the soft leather and the way it sags a bit at the top, which makes it feel like a wanderer. You will not regret this purchase

Review 4

cell phone slips into the patch pocket on one side, the car keys, lip balm, and more. goes in the other zipped outside pocket. Every Sak bag I bought has these two pockets and it’s just perfect for me. The bags also have a large interior zip pocket and two additional pockets. Keep my things organized without having to dig into the bottom of my bag. I like the size, perfect for whatever I want to take with me. I love the unique strap, don’t worry if one falls off my shoulder. It’s real leather and it smells good! Perfect bag.

Review 5

This bag is perfect – perfect size, perfect storage. Key pocket on the front, phone padlock on the back. The interior is great too. It’s not “such a pretty” bag that I usually have, but I haven’t found anything that suits me and frankly, whatever the flaws, it’s the most beautiful bag I have to wear. have had for a while. I just got it on vacation and it worked like a charm. Big enough for a water bottle, but not big.

Review 6

It was a birthday present that the celebrant loved, she hardly let go of it. The color is slightly different from that of the publication (lighter). It is an excellent option since the material is real leather. Overall, excellent quality.

Review 7

Like! It’s not as big as most bags these days, but big enough for everything you need. It is also super light and easy to carry. Great quality, lots of pockets, and I love the little details in the seams and interior fabric. So cute!

Review 8

I am always a little wary when ordering wallets online. I like to feel the leather, to see the pockets, to feel the bag, to see if it fits well on my arm. So after looking at hundreds of bags, I finally gave up and ordered this one. I had never bought this brand before so I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality. It is a very beautiful bag !!!! I love hobo bags, but oftentimes they can get too messy, and your stuff gets lost. This bag has that hobo style but is stiff enough in leather to hold its shape well. The exterior zippered pocket fits a decently sized wallet or cellphone, and I like that it has a zipper. The pocket on the other side fits my S9 phone perfectly. It doesn’t have a top closure, but there are plenty of other pockets in the bag that does.

There are two other pockets on one side of the bag, I put my checkbook there and there is another zipped pocket on the other side. I like single-handle bags that don’t fit too tight under my armpit. This one grips great, but the strap isn’t adjustable so that’s what it is. I’m 5 “11 and around 160 pounds, the bag fits around my waist. It wouldn’t work as a crossover bag. The stitching is a nice touch to this bag, make it look very casual, but finished off. The keychain is a cute little detail. The bag is made of good quality leather.

I think someone else dropped a star because they felt the leather was wrong. I do not agree. It is very nice and smooth and has a very slight sheen. It will clean well. It has a very slight smell of leather. What I like is a leather bag. You have to hold it against your face to smell it, so it’s not a strong scent. I am incredibly happy with this bag. I would buy it again or be sure to give it as a gift.

Review 9

I bought the same bag in a different color a year ago and it holds up very well. When I saw it for a good price, I bought it in slate which is an attractive dark color. If it holds up as well as the one I use, I’ll be happy to. it’s the perfect size for what I’m keeping in it, and if I need to temporarily put something bigger in it, there is room. If he goes over my shoulder. The strap would be better if it was adjustable so it could be a bit longer, but that’s my only observation of what I would have liked to see differently. Nice bag.

Review 10

There are so many things I love about this wallet! The fact that there is only one strap and only one strap is long enough to go over my shoulder and hang comfortably by my side. The leather is fantastic! The interior is perfect. The pockets are perfect! There is only ONE thing I don’t like about this handbag. Every time I open it or close it, the ZIPPER threatens to get stuck. I learned to hold one side and “hang” the bag so that the zipper goes down more easily – in a straight line, but I say easier, not smoother. Every time I close or unzip this bag the zipper teeth want to get stuck. A bag in this price range should have a smooth zipper, so there is no doubt that its quality will get you in and out every time.

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