October 19, 2021

Hobo bags 2018

Fossil Maya

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We collected you ladies elegant, a collection of the finest hobo bags 2018 We hope you like it

Hobo bags 2018


Finally found the perfect purse. I admit I have a bag obsession, and this is the 6th Baggallini product I own, but these are awesome! The purse is both functional and stylish, with well-organized pockets. The depth of the purse is ideal, so I’m not searching so hard for something at the bottom. There’s even a surprise pocket tucked behind the flap pocket on the front–it’s a great spot for my phone. I have an iPhone 5 in an Otterbox case, which fits perfectly in the front zipper pocket as well It stands up on its own when filled, and can carry a 16.9 oz water bottle in the side pocket. The new strap material is much prettier than the original design. My previous favorites were the Sydney and the Avenue tote. This bag is smaller than both of those, but I’m not missing the extra size. As a mom who has downsized from diaper bags and still carries everything we (or she!) might possibly need, this bag accommodates–without being too bulky!

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I spent MANY hours trying to find the right purse online before buying this, and I’m so glad I picked this one!

Searching for a magical purse that holds everything without getting heavy, but this Everywhere Travel bag will have to do for now.

no longer change handbags to match outfits, but after a couple of months, I realized, who cares?

thought it would be too casual for work, but my chiropractor’s pleas for me to use a crossbody instead of shoulder bags finally convinced me;

I could have purchased several bags for the cost of those extra adjustments and I think it has helped my neck and shoulders.

It holds exactly what I need, but not one thing more, so I can’t “move in”.

Initially ordered a smaller Baggallini (the Criss Cross) and laughed out loud when it arrived – it was barely bigger than my cosmetics bag! I wanted to downsize, but really!?

While I’ve generally frowned on boring “What’s in my bag?”

lists in online reviews, I have to admit they were helpful in my purse quest.

so here it is:

small wallet, the little RFID wristlet on a strap that came with the bag, personal keys, huge ring of work keys, medium-large cosmetic bag with a gazillion small items, glasses, sunglasses in a large hard case, pens, pepper spray, iPhone in a huge indestructible case (not the Plus, fits in rear slide pocket for easy access), earbuds, granola bar, and gum. Wow, this feels more personal than I expected.

Here’s what does NOT fit:

iPad (regular, unless you leave it unzipped), books, lunch, 20 oz. water bottle, or all the crap my other half used to put in my bag when I carried The Big One.

I’m pleased with the material (no fake-leather cheap-looking plastic stuff and no real leather), zippers, hardware, and strap. The pocket on the back zips open to slide over a suitcase and the bag travels well.

I have not used the side water bottle holder yet since my reusable bottles are too large; there’s room for improvement on that feature but it’s unobtrusive when zipped.

Maybe it would hold a mini umbrella? I bought a matching tote bag for work since I travel tons throughout the day, but that does get VERY heavy.

Since I decided to prioritize my bodily wellbeing over cute handbags, I also switched to a ladies’ rolling briefcase, which is life-altering.


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The quality of this purses is really great. I love the color and very stylish and the size is just great! it has so many pockets that you can put a lot of stuff. Has pockets on both ends and on the sides. As a mom, I always have a lot of in my bags kids stuff like extra clothes and diapers and other baby stuff this bag gives me all the space I needed. it’s worth the price.

✦Updated Version: High-quality PU leather, Reinforced shoulder strap, and improved zipper quality, all faux leather hobo have been done anti-shock&wear-resistant tests.

✦Structure: Ladies hobo handbags has one main compartment,1 middle compartment, 1 zipper pocket, and 2 slot pockets, with 1 back zipper pocket, enough capacity to organize your daily items, dating, travel, and business.

✦Dimensions: 12.4″ x 4.7″x 11″(L x W x H). Handle height: 7.9”.

This hobo purses come with a long removable and adjustable shoulder strap, can be used as a shoulder bag or crossbody bag for women.

✦About odor issue: Little smell is normal, keep it airing out for a few days, the smell will disappear. If you have any problem with a realer handbag, please contact us freely through email on the order page, we promise that we will give you a good solution


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I love this bag! I have to see about the hardware and such because I’ve seen reviews against it, but out of the package,  Everything seems sturdy and well made, hardware included! The lining is thick but it helps keep the bag’s shape, and the inside zip pocket sturdy.

I could not be happier! The wine red color is true to picture and the stitching on everything is amazing. Lots of room for whatever you need/want to carry!

I haven’t found anything to keep in the zip pocket yet but it still acts as a nice divider for essentials and things, so it isn’t one big pit.

The long strap is long enough fully extended to sit at my hip.

(I am 5’7″ for reference)
I will update later if need be, but I’m seriously considering getting another color!!!


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This bag! It has a “guitar strap” type shoulder strap that I’ve sometimes used crossbody.

My daughter even used it as a dog leash when the pups went missing.

Otherwise, the bag is great soft leather to use daily.

The red color is a little brighter in sunlight than you might expect.

I only notice that on sunny days.

It “sits” well, and holds a lot.

Has pockets for things inside and one out.

Zippers work well. Hardware is deep brass and good looking.

I’m using this as my only bag with my jeans, navy and black wardrobe.

I have other bags, but use this most of the time.

It’s deep, so I use a long wallet and a flat clutch too to keep things in their place and accessible.


Fossil Maya
                                                                                      Credit by Amazon



So I debated between this and the larger version.

Ultimately decided on the smaller because I really don’t carry all that much.

I bought the alpine green, it’s such a beautiful color.

already had the matching wallet.

Like this purse!! It’s really the perfect size (even though I love a large bag) and the two straps are perfect.

I love how the smaller handle lays on the bag when using the crossbody strap.

One is of the inside (wallet, Vera Bradley makeup bag, sunglass case, gum, hand sanitizer, chapstick, lotion, and a pen) so you can see how much room is left with all that in it.



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What’s the hobo bags you like?


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