Hobo bags Black

The hobo bags are beautifully crescent style, and different designs to suit, the tastes of all stylish fashion loving woman.

We’re talking about hobo bag black.


Hobo bags Black


I like this style for a hobo bag. It has plenty of room to carry items for the workday. It is quite a large bag, didn’t
know how I would like it since I am not very tall, however, it seems to work out well for me. Very satisfied. Price is
good – I like to change bags back and forth, so find the reasonable price is nice for that.


Hobo bag for women
hobo bag
                                                                             Credit by Amazon


This hobo bag worked out very well. I have never had a purse feel so good on my shoulder! It is larger than I expected.
it’s large, cute and, most importantly, lightweight, especially for its size.


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This bag is awesome! So roomy and classy looking. I want to purchase one in every color. I’m thrilled with my purchase. And the best part is that it looks way more expensive than a $30.00 purse. Best Buy Ever
Soft water wash synthetic vegan leather with fully-lined fabric

1 x exterior back wall zipper pocket, 1 x exterior front vertical zipped pocket, 1 x interior back wall zipper pocket, 2 x interior top open pouch pockets, additional inside zipped compartment.



Dasein Women’s Large Soft Hobo Bag 


hobo bag
                                                                       Credit by Amazon


This purse is prettier in person. There is a lot of room inside, and the shoulder strap is comfortable to use. I have maybe two from this retailer, and I definitely will come back!
Came well made and in excellent condition, large enough to hold an Ipad. The perfect size for carrying business folders.

Can’t even remember what number bag this is but it has shot to the top. It is now my favorite bag


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I have had a lot of purses let me tell u but this purse is AMAZING I absolutely LOVE IT! It’s gorgeous & big…I was afraid it was gonna be small but it’s totally not & it’s so beautiful I just can’t get over it. It’s actually got some weight to it without anything in it so tells you it’s NOT made cheaply! I tried to figure out what all u can put in it to give you ladies an idea but I can’t think of anything I can fit A LOT u could fit like ur wallet phone & 2 pairs of shoes lol – it’s a MUST I got the fur one


SHOMICO Hobo Bag for Women 
SHOMICO Hobo Bag for Women
                                                                 Credit by Amazon

I love that it comes with the extra strap because I like wearing my purse on the side and some added length is a plus. I also loved the attention the company took to even secure all the tassels together in a bunch so they weren’t tangled when I opened the package! It’s the little things, right? Love the outside of the bag, love the inside, love the size and the material. I’ll probably be purchasing another in a different color too!


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I wasn’t expecting to get exactly what I wanted, but I did.

I was fully expecting to get this bag and want to send it back. I am glad that is not the case, this bag has exceeded my expectations.

This bag has several large compartments, and several outside pockets two in the front, that Actually will fit something inside them and not just for decoration.

The inside is large enough for a textbook or at least an 8 x 10 size and seems to be able to carry a sufficient amount of weight. I am going to get another one in black and the apricot color.

I have been pleasantly surprised, especially since I usually like to physically touch and examine the purse and you are only going on pix and reviews. Well worth the amount because I am very satisfied.


JOYSON Women  Hobo bag


hobo bag
                                                                              Credit by Amazon


This bag is bigger than I thought, but it’s great! It feels very sturdy, has enough pockets to hold all my snacks and essentials, and fits a water bottle comfortably in.

There’s a smell, but it’ll go away – it’s just the newness of the product. Love the thick adjustable strap – it doesn’t feel like it’ll dig into my shoulder when I use it.

The handles on top are very solid and fit over my arm just right. The color is not ‘apricot’ in any way; I was expecting more orange tones but it’s actually beige.

The front zipper pockets have enough space for smaller items but can hold my phone (it’s an iPhone SE) comfortably. The back zipper pocket does as well.

The inside wall pockets are a little smaller, but the other bigger spaces make up for it. There was just a little trouble with the middle inside zipper where it didn’t clench teeth properly, but I rarely use that pocket anyway, so it’s not a big deal. I’m loving my bag!


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I love this bag! I have to see about the hardware and such because I’ve seen reviews against it, but out of the package, I love it.

Everything seems sturdy and well made, hardware included! The lining is thick but it helps keep the bag’s shape, and the inside zip pocket sturdy.

I could not be happier! The wine red color is true to picture and the stitching on everything is amazing. Lots of room for whatever you need/want to carry! I haven’t found anything to keep in the zip pocket yet but it still acts as a nice divider for essentials and things, so it isn’t one big pit.

The long strap is long enough fully extended to sit at my hip. (I am 5’7″ for reference)
I’m seriously considering getting another color.


Hobo bag for Women Large 
hobo bag
                                                                       Credit by Amazon



I really love this bag. It is a large bag, but the pockets inside, and three pockets outside really help to keep it from being a huge black hole like some purses can be.

My first purse has one pocket that had a piece of fabric that wasn’t sewn correctly, and the sellers were helpful and quickly sent me a replacement.

I like that I can wear this on my shoulder or cross body. This is a great bag for when you still have little ones but don’t need a diaper bag! Easy to bring a snack, water bottle and all the “treasures” my little guys want me to haul.


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A lot of room, the quality is amazing, I didn’t notice any weird smells or anything.

I mean this isn’t a designer purse but for the money, you pay you absolutely get the quality you are looking for. I use it daily, and best of all it fits my Switch and its hard case. I would highly recommend this purse.

The bag is good for carrying my stuff when I am outside for daily office life or even for a picnic. It is big enough to store a lot of things. NIce one.


Women Hobo  Bag  
hobo bag
                                                                    Credit by Amazon


This bag is great. I needed something strong and big to carry everything I need and this purse does it. Its got inside pockets and a little clutch as well which is a great bonus. Very cute and goes with any outfit. Just what I was looking for.
I love the gold hardware and the heart shape on the zipper. It does come with a cute pouch I will be using. Fast shipping! Mine did come with a weird, I wanna say.. glue smell? But I’m sure it’ll fade with time.it looks like an expensive handbag. I can’t believe how well it is made. I will be ordering a couple more in different colors!


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Michael Kors

I can’t begin to explain how extremely beautiful and classy this bag is….. I was so skeptical as to if to buy it if it was original….nevertheless I went ahead ….it arrived on time ….packaged in a box that allowed no creases or squeezing….stuffed with perfect paper…..the insides carry to logo ….d zipper carries the logo…d chain were protected and wrapped…..there’s an MK tag in the inside with d price….d bar code on it gave me a chance to scan d bag….immediately it came up on d MK web site… I m truly pleased n satisfied..definitely gonna be buying all my bag stuff here


Michael Kors Women’s
hobo bag
                                                     Credit by Amazon


The purse is beautiful. It was exactly what I wanted. I’m so excited to carry it.

I came packaged very well. My only issue with this purse is that it is heavy. I knew the metal straps would add some extra weight but it added more than I thought.
This is an awesome bag. I read the reviews about the bag on here, The good and the bad. And I decided that I will make a determination myself.


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Medium size purse with room and designed nicely. Bought the black version; it’s made of vegan leather and my looks very nice, had no smell, & stitching is great.

Two outer pockets hold my keys, and my cell phone with room to spare. I was hoping for room inside to carry a personal water bottle and it will (partly because it has a flat bottom).

In fact, I put a pair of regular slip-on shoes inside when visiting a friend last night instead of socks. The lining, if “plastic” is flexible high-end textured with pattern with look & strength of fabric but also waterproof! I was not sure I would like the wide shoulder strap but it is so comfortable and does not slide off the shoulder so I count it a plus! I panicked when it first arrived as all the zippers were gapped in a section …

quickly learned they are “self-healing”. Trying to convince me it’s not too selfish to buy another … in navy.


Women’s Retro Sling Hobo Bag 
hobo bag
                                                  Credit by Amazon



I’ve been looking for a long time like a lot of people and, was getting very ‘skeptical”, about materials, sizes, the whole package…finally decided “one’ more time…and I am really really, pleased, very nice wine color, good size, nice material, nice sections inside I like it so much ordered another in black..that’s me when I like something I want it in every color they have lol..but I think 2 is gonna have to be it for now..the description of this bag is very very accurate…try it you won’t be disappointed, unless you’re over the top fussy.. mean that in a nice way


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I have been looking for a shallower bag that I could use crossbody because I was tired of digging deep to retrieve my belongings! I ordered this bag in the navy on a Thursday or Friday and received it on Sunday! Exactly as described, so soft and timeless looking. The trim is glossy charcoal and the zippered compartment in the back holds my Motorola Droid phone and the front zippered compartment provides easy access to coupons, notepads and the like. The adjustable 1 1/4″ strap is very comfortable. Exactly what I was looking for!!


Molodo Accent Retro Sling Leather 
Molodo Accent
                    Credit by Amazon



Very nice! The size is perfect for me. Great that the description page also showed size guide as well as a photo of someone holding it to see how it looks on a person. The shortened strap is the perfect length for me to use as a shoulder bag. It is so soft and feels like genuine leather would feel. My best friend (who swears by only leather bags) was impressed by this bag. So, I think I will definitely enjoy using it. I may consider getting it in black at some point. I’ll see how this one works for me for a while.


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If you have ever purchased one of these bags, share your experience in the comments section.


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