Hobo bags for sale

Hobo Bag is a great type of bag that is usually a handbag; or wallet that is also characterized by its size as a

Crescent And we talk about a wonderful collection of hobo bags for sale.


Hobo bags for sale

Fanspack Upgrade Hobo Bag: We do upgrade this hobo bag. Comparing with our sellers’ bag, the seam on the shoulder strap of our bag is reinforced which ensures the durability of the bag. Besides, equipped with quality hardware and a lining inside, our hobo bag is more well-made.

Material: Our large hobo handbag is made of high-quality canvas, lightweight, washable, comfortable and durable. Perfect for dating, working, shopping, traveling, school and other daily use. A great gift for girls, women, and ladies.


Fanspack Women’s Canvas Hobo Handbags 
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I wondered if this was bag going to be junky and cheap, but in fact, it’s a nice, simple, casual bag: roomy, lightweight and very comfortable. It holds a ton of things neatly and close to the body. The strap is wide and soft and doesn’t slip, and is easy to adjust, whether you want to wear it crossbody or on the shoulder. There are two rectangular pockets inside that easily hold my phone and keys, and the top zips closed. I followed another commenter’s advice and used a seam ripper to remove the white label, which was kind of cute, but ungrammatical–as an editor, it finally got to me! It came right off, leaving no marks. I put all the same stuff from my usual purse in this and a Baggalini bag I was considering, and the same stuff felt lighter and more comfortable to carry in this bag. I’d buy it again.



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Eco-friendly casual lifestyle. Made of durable 16 oz washed; canvas100% cotton canvas handbag; Durable and fashionable.
Dual carrying handles and zip top closure.
Back pocket for easy access. Roomy fully lined fabric compartment. Cell phone and Wallet pouches; Interior zip.
Overall dimension: Approx. 15.75″L x 12.99″H x 4.72″ W / 15″ Ipad fitting, easy to carry A4 size book.
Please allow little color difference due to different camera or light environment


Z-joyee Women’s Ladies Casual Vintage 


Credit by Amazon



I really needed a decent sized bag that would meet the following specifications:

1) wouldn’t be heavy before I even filled it
2) would have enough pockets for the organization without going overboard
3) would be easy to haul around without getting in my way
4) wouldn’t let me turn it into the Overstuffed Bag of What Is In Here?

This bag has all of that! As someone whose previous bags could double for suitcases, I wanted to go with a bag that didn’t have so much hardware and leather-ish touches that the bag felt like it weighed 5 lbs before I even added anything to it. This bag is perfect for that. The canvas is very sturdy, the inside feels nice enough (not fancy, not cheap, just nice), and I’m good with that. The color is more teal than blue, but I’m also good with that. I’m not particularly fussy in regards to looks as much as function, here.

The straps are great. The tiniest ones, the hand-handles, I don’t really use to carry the bag just spread it open, but the shoulder straps work well, and I adore the crossbody strap. As someone cursed with ample bosom–as Tahani Al-Jamil would say–the strap sits on my shoulder, doesn’t really cut into my neck at all, goes right between the boobs, and the purse itself sits right at my hip perfectly. I can do what I have to, the purse stays where I put it, it also doesn’t smack into anyone as I move around, and I’m really happy about that, let me tell you.

Now, the bag IS smaller than I thought it would be, just a bit, but only in a couple areas: the opening is pretty narrow so if you have anything wide, you have to kinda wiggle it in there (I discovered with a packet of paperwork that didn’t wiggle so well), and it only widens so much into the base of the bag. My wallet and Kindle are both 7 inches long (according to Amazon, from whom I purchased both), so you can use that as a gauge.

To be clear: for my everyday hauling around, it’s fine and dandy. I’m determined not to turn my purse into the Mystery Zone of WTF Is In There? again, so this is kind of a pro for me.

The other area where it’s smaller is the very narrow (yet oddly deep?) side pockets, and speaking of, the little leather logo embellishment on one side didn’t come on my purse, so I guess that either isn’t added anymore, or it only comes on certain colors. Anyway, the little side pockets are narrow, but fit my inhaler and eyedrops great on one side, and a couple of pens on the other. They’re pretty deep for such small pockets, but I like that I can have a pen easily accessible on the outside of my purse!

The inside of the purse is pretty standard. One side has a small and large pocket, the other side has a medium sized zippered pocket I keep a spare car key and a fidget cube in. The divider is another zippered compartment, but I don’t keep much in there, to be honest. I keep a wallet on one side, my phone, and Kindle on the other, and some Kleenex as needed. I could fit more, maybe a small crochet project, but I’m trying to start as uncluttered as possible. The outside of the purse has another pocket on one side, medium sized, where I keep a change purse. If I push it I could fit my phone, but it’s a bit of a stretch.

One of my favorite bits about this bag is the flat bottom. I put the bag down, and it doesn’t tip over like pretty much every other bag I’ve ever owned. When I’m wearing it crossbody, it’s easy to reach in and grab what I’m looking for, thus far, even without looking, and keeps my bag right where I want it!

Overall, I’m really pleased with this bag. It does what I want, holds all my stuff, and keeps me on track with staying organized.



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Style:2 big pockets(magnetic-closure) ; 1 big pocket(zipper-closure); Many other small pockets .Tote Purse /Handbag / Messenger /Wallet/Shopping bags,multi-purpose bag,great for everyday use.
Used in the daily travel, Weight lighter but durable.Fashion casual lifestyle, General use for Female & Male.
Hii good: It’s such an awesome messenger bag that you will receive many compliments from your family and friends.

I got this bag to replace my large tote/diaper bag and I fell in love as soon as I opened it!! On the outside, it’s half the size of my tote, but PLENTY of room on the inside for everything I need: diaper/wipes/sippy for a toddler, wallet/phone/mom stuff, and that’s just for two of the three generous compartments! The straps are soft and flexible and just large enough for my arm to go through easily when heading out the door in a hurry. The snaps on the outside compartments allow for easy access and the zippered middle is great for more secure storage. Fantastic purchase!!

Hiigoo Fashion Women’s Multi-pocket 


Credit by Amazon


I have owned this purse for 7 months and have used it exclusively for all 7 months. I have been rough on it. I have filled it with all sorts of heavy things. I have packed it with changes of clothing for children, bottles of water, snacks, and all my usual purse stuff. It has held up remarkably well. It looks like I just bought it. No breaks or crack in the straps. No signs of wear on the bottom. The zipper still works and both magnetic closures work. I love this purse. When I finally wear this one out I will definitely buy another.

One more thing, while I can pack snacks and all the other things young children need for a day out in it, it is not huge or bulky. It’s a perfect size. It shrinks when not full and expands beautifully when needed.

I also use it as my work bag. I carry books and paperwork. Also, I carry my lunch to and from work every day in this purse.

It is the perfect purse for me!


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I love this purse. It is large enough to hold all of the various things I carry around and has several pockets and compartments – a must in a purse if I am to own it. It has a pocket on the back that zips, a pocket on each side that are big enough for sunglasses or a small flip phone, zippered pockets on the front that hold small things like headphones or a zip drive and 2 very large compartments inside. One side also has an inside zippered fabric pocket.

I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 for the following reasons:

1) It is really soft leather and I wonder how well it will hold up over time.
2) The back zippered pocket is too narrow and small. I would have liked it to be larger.
3) The inner lining is a thin fabric. Again, I wonder how long it will hold up.

Overall, this is a beautiful purse that organizes and holds my belongings. I will purchase another one when this one wears out.

Angelkiss Women Top Handle Satchel 
Credit by Amazon


I usually purchase the higher end genuine leather bags, and I was surprised at how well this purse is made considering the price.

For those of you that don’t know, PU leather is not real leather. It is synthetic, made of polyurethane, but it looks and feels exactly like genuine leather. Polyurethane is widely used in the majority of accessories, belts, handbags, wallets, and jackets that you see in stores. It is more expensive and harder to find genuine leather items these days. Because of the good workmanship and quality put into this bag, it should last you just as long, if not longer, then a genuine leather handbag. PU leather is also easier to clean.


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If you have already purchased one of these  hobo bags, share your negative or positive experience in the comments section






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