October 19, 2021

How To Read a Gucci Serial Number?

Gucci Serial Number lookup. One of the most important things that make a woman look attractive is pretty handbag.

Among the best of these is the Gucci bag. Choosing a bag for someone dear, or a bag for yourself is exciting, especially since Gucci bags are everywhere
This makes it difficult to distinguish between true and fake

One of the best ways to find out if the bag in your hand is real is checking the Gucci serial number.

but Where Can I Find a Gucci Serial Number?

First of all, you have to find the Gucci serial number, which is inside the bag which is a rectangle of leather that they usually sew near the pocket.

What is the true meaning of the Gucci serial number?

The Gucci serial number is two lines of numbers ranging from 10 to 13 numbers. The first line refers to the figure code file; While the second line indicates the resource.

The real goal of the Gucci serial number is to protect customers from counterfeit bags.

How to distinguish between fake and real Gucci serial number?

Replicas can be found on the market, mainly in
The Internet looks great and would be useful
Discover some tips for maintaining Gucci serial numbers
Yourself against fraud.
Now, when we know where the signs are, let’s go
dial the serial number in more detail and practice finding counterfeits

First, take a closer look at the front of the
Mark: There should be a three-line heat seal
the words. The first line is a trademark symbol:
The letter “R” in a circle,

like this -®,
Under the trademark symbol, there is
GUCCI brand name in uppercase. G letters
The C on the Gucci logo is very round in appearance
The letter Oo is incomplete.
The third line says “Made in Italy”. All words
It should be the same size and lowercase letters with
Equal spacing between letters (if you see a
The bag where letters and spacing
Substandard – it’s definitely a scam).


  • The serial number is on the opposite side (The Gucci Serial Number)

    side of the tag.

For years
Gucci production used a different one figure sequences for their serial numbers.

these the most common days are two lines of numbers one below the other.

the total number being different

10 to 13.

As mentioned, the first line usually indicates a style code/number; It is also written on the price tag of the purse.

And the second line numbers show supplier code.

In small leather goods, serial number Gucci no
has two lines, is divided by a point:
the order of the numbers before the period indicates the style
code, after a dot

– provider code.
But it’s important to keep this in mind as not all suitcases
are unique, serial numbers are not completely unique, such as

You can also get to know other authentic accessories thanks to the same serial numbers.

Make him an old Gucci serial number?

Some people who want to buy or purchase antique Gucci bags
Do you want to be able to verify your serial numbers?
I was surprised to find that the old handbags do not have these groups
Numbers at all. Does this mean that they are all fake?
Not right.
The fact is that the leather charm is oblong with the right
Parentheses and serial numbers on the other side (whichever
I saw in the pictures above) very common
For now, it didn’t appear until the 1990s.

Bags made prior to the 1980s generally do not contain any
To prepare. There is also alcohol
Handbags manufactured between 1979 and 1983
Which had round markings with gold letters or badges. For sure
Classic pockets made next to the logo and the engraving above ”
In Italy ‘that could be in all the caps, you can see
Nice Gucci knight logo.
The first line can also be serial numbers
They contain dashes or periods, but no letters. And the
The trademark symbol may be missing.

If you are hesitant to buy a Gucci bag because you cannot distinguish between the real and the fake, we at hobobagsreview.com offer you, dear reader, a selection of real bags with the best review of the customer

Gucci microguccissima bag black leather 449654 BMJ1G 1000

■ Size Body size: About 19 × 23 × 10

(H × W × D unit cm) Handle height:

About 9 cm strap Length:

Approx 100-110 cm Adjustable in 5 stages for each 2.5 cm Removable Body weight: Approximately 450 g
■ Color BLACK
■ Material Body:

Gucci Shima Leather
■ Specification Double zipper opening / closing / Inside:

Open pocket ×


Gucci Serial Number Lookup review 1:

This bag is a neat finish and the bit is very shiny which makes it very elegant. It goes well with dresses and casual wear. It is suitable for all occasions. When I first bought it, I was worried that the capacity was too small. However, I had an unexpected seizure. I could put down my cell phone, powder, lipstick, and other everyday items. I love this bag so much that I wear it every time I go out.


review 2:

Look beautiful. This bag looks pretty on the skirt. This bag capacity can contain daily necessities, tissues, keys, lipstick, and airbags. I bought this bag to go to a party and my friends said it’s beautiful and I was very happy.


review 3:

I really wanted it! Good quality, very useful for the evenings! The chain is too long for me, but I’ll find out!


review 4:

It’s a little smaller than I expected, but I love it. The bag looks very elegant. It is highly recommended.

review 5:

Nice wallet and good communication from the seller. I will definitely look for more items to buy.


review 6:

I have a hard time finding 100% genuine Gucci bags and this one did not disappoint. I ordered it to be black, but the gold accents really made the color stand out. One side is suede which is soft and of good quality and the other side is smooth and also of good quality. I didn’t notice it when I ordered it, but now that I’ve been using it for the past month, I feel it is easier to wear my suede clothes outside. The smooth side does not catch on the shirt when using shorter or straps and fits snugly around the hip when using a longer, adjustable strap. I think at some point he might have rubbed off a little paint or even matted the suede if it had been suede on both sides. I love it overall and it’s classic and high quality. Today I ordered a similar bag from Nico Louise, but in a navy blue color, also with suede and a smooth side. I can’t wait to get it and change it. I’m glad I found this manufacturer.

gucci serial number
crédit by amazon





Gucci Blossoms Blue Navy Reversible GG Blooms tote Leather Handbag Bag New

Gucci Blossoms Blue Navy Blue GG Blooms Handbag A new leather handbag
Anthers. Manual with serial number
With distinctive GG Blooms print on one side and durable leather on the other, this mid-size bag is made of innovative double-sided leather, exclusive to Gucci.
One side leatherette, double-sided GG leather with blue blossoms with an antique rose flower pattern
Removable Identification Labels in Antique Pink Leather Medium Handles


Gucci Serial Number Lookup review 1:

I was looking for this gift for my wife. She got it on time and it was exactly what she wanted. Thank you so much!


review 2:

Amazing Customer Service and beautiful product!


review 3:

I love this bag !! Perfect size for all my things and super light. that’s cool! a bag. I’m part of Gucci in my pocket, but I still appreciate the kindness to include something special as a “thank you”. “🌸


review 4:

I bought this bag in gray to use on my recent travels. It’s much nicer than I expected and I love it! It seems very durable and well made and I love that it has an inside pocket to keep my phone and small items like gum box and earphones. The plus is that it is not only beautiful and fashionable, but it is also light and easy to carry.


review 5:

I’ve always loved metallic colored handbags. I was looking for one with a gold, pewter, or silver finish, but I also wanted a bag large enough to hold a lot of items. That was a perfect fit. Embroidered sash included tying on the ribbon. This was a pleasant surprise as I knew nothing about the decor of the sash when I placed my order. The material of the bag is thin, yet strong enough to prevent the tape from exploding or something happening inside. It has a pocket inside and this is where I keep my keys. I put up a wallet to add more compartments. If you are looking for a bag with a designer look or feel, this is not the bag. If you want a stylish bag with a large capacity, you will be satisfied.



gucci serial number lookup
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Gucci Women’s GG Charm Soft Pink Leather Large Convertible Straight Bag With Strap 449650 5806


Gucci Serial Number review 1:

The bag is real and as shown in the pictures above, it is packed, just like when bought in-store, without scratch or crease. I have no complaints. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase, and I definitely cannot file a complaint with Thanks All Glitters


review 2:

I was wandering around a lot before buying because I saw so many reviews that were a discount. I did my own research and found it real so I took a risk. After I got it, I checked it’s the real deal! Just like in the Gucci store. Love this wallet, it is thick and durable. Very happy with this purchase!


review 3:

I checked this wallet and Gucci serial number. I was paranoid because I was getting a fake Gucci wallet. But it is legit! I bought it as a Christmas gift for my 18-year-old daughter. She will love her and can’t wait to see her excitement when she opens her gift! It is nice stitching, strong, high quality, and leather smell good! The pink is very beautiful too! Very good price for this wallet!


review 4:

I received this Christmas gift from my husband and I am totally amazed at the beauty of this bag. It’s the first upscale design bag and it’s perfect. I think it’s cool if I can find all of my things in it and it doesn’t hang like a sack of potatoes. I can easily get what I need without looking like a complete psychopath when out. A lot of people say it has a strong chemical smell, but all I smell is leather so I personally enjoy it.

review 5:

It’s 100% original GUCCI wallet! My fiance bought me as a late Valentine’s gift.

I couldn’t be happier with it! I’m really obsessed with this wallet.

I know I’ll have it for years to come. Good quality, as always with Gucci.

It is neither too big nor too small and is also carried with a shoulder strap.


review 6:

Everything is perfect! Immaculate condition, perfect size (not too big or too small), plenty of room for all my things … the most beautiful pastel black color perfect for upcoming spring and summer! I also love that I can or cannot carry it with a shoulder strap – I love the small handles for carrying the bag too !! I’ve already received many compliments! Cool style and a new look!


review 7:

The Gucci wallet was of high quality. It was packed very carefully and was protected. I love using this wallet because it is a perfect size, it is not too small nor too big. It fits everything I need and has various pockets.


review 8:

I love everything in this bag. You won one in Peach Bingo. Since then, I’ve been looking for a brown shade for both fall and winter. It is a perfect size and wears beautifully. I would like another one in black. I also love the skin


review 9:

I absolutely loved this item when it came out! I cannot say enough good things about the product and the company.

I’ve placed the order through Amazon and made sure it arrived before Christmas. It doesn’t sound like much, but it made Christmas for me.


gucci serial number
credit by amazon






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