October 20, 2021

The Unconventional Guide to Leather Handbags On Sales

Leather Handbags On Sales

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Leather Handbags On Sales: The handbag is a personal item in which various objects are placed.

This ranges from wallets to mobile phones, small papers to diaries, souvenirs, and greys.

The presence of these objects provides important personality information.

Indeed, the existence of personal photos, lucky objects or memories will hint at a more sentimental person.

Whether or not its content is stored, neat or not, many or not refer to other types of personalities. It can also be interpreted with social statuses, levels of wealth of the person concerned.


The Unconventional Guide to Leather Handbags On Sales



review 1:


Beautiful handbag! The leather is of upstanding quality and has a pebbled texture to it.

The handbag is somewhat slouchy but not sloppy and it can hold its form well so it’s easy to get into the handbag when looking for something. I ordered the small and the fit is perfect.

I haven’t used it with the detachable handle, but it seems that is also of good quality if you’re looking for a cross-body fit. There are two main compartments that make up the interior,

with a middle divider that is offset to one side. Because of this, one of the main compartments is slightly larger than the other- which I love because this is where I put my wallet and calendar, etc.

And another thing I love is that the divider goes all the way to the bottom so things can’t slip down and cross into the other compartment.

There is another zippered area on one of the interior compartments (perfect for lipstick, etc) and the other side has two pockets which are nice and big so a cell phone works perfectly here. I’ve been looking for a bag that is stylish but also functions as a “mom bag” for a long time and this bag fits the bill. Stylish and classy but roomy enough to hold all my kids’ necessities as well!!


review 2:

I love this purse! I purchased the small size and it’s perfect. I can fit everything I need in it. My two favorite features are

1) the middle zip pocket is attached at the bottom. Whatever you put on one side stays on that side.

2) The crossbody strap. When I shop I don’t like to leave my purse in the cart and I don’t have to with this purse.

The crossbody is usually too small the carry everything I like to carry or they are too narrow.

This has plenty of room and is nice and wide. I can even put my water bottle in one side of it and zip the zipper right up to the bottle as to not worry about it leaking.

It’s a soft leather so it conforms to your body when carried as a crossbody. I thought it was smooth leather but it is a pebbled leather.

At first, I wasn’t sure I liked the pebble leather but I’m good with it. I also wasn’t so sure about the gold hardware but the functionality of this purse overall completely outweighs the gold hardware.




leather handbags on sale


leather handbags on sale
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review 3:

I love this purse. I like the rolled handles and the very high-quality lining.

there are just enough pockets to give me a place for all of my goodies without my stuff getting lost. it looks pretty.

The leather seems thick and high quality. it’s not as soft as I thought it would be but it’s not cheap/stiff feeling but I’m sure it’ll soften up with use.

All the seams are double stitched so it will last a long time.


review 4:

I purchased the large Sorrel bag and this thing is huge – EXACTLY what I needed.

The bag was very well packed with protective tape on the hardware and plastic on the handles, is well made beautifully stitched leather,

and fits all of the things that I find absolutely necessary to carry around with me every single day.

There is some serious space on the inside of this bag and even with all of my belongings in it, there’s still room for more! As others have stated, the bag is heavy but honestly,

most of my bags are heavy because I carry so much with me.

I absolutely LOVE this tote bag and will definitely purchase additional Kattee bags in the future.






La Poet

review 1:

I cannot say enough good things about this Leather Handbags. The leather is heavy, the finish excellent, the zippers easy to operate, the design flawless. When it arrived the buckles and handles were encased in plastic and tissue, insuring their scratch-free arrival. There is a center dividing pocket that not only divides the contents for easier retrieval but provides a place for carrying a book or craft project so it is at the ready for unexpected waiting periods. I really load a bag, and the heavy leather and sturdy handle attachment on this one assures me that I can not only get absolutely everything into this bag but it will carry all my stuff for years. I Love This Bag!



review 2:

I bought this bag to carry while my Coach bags are being cleaned and repaired. Though I was a little leery of spending so much on a brand with which I wasn’t familiar, I was extremely pleased with the purchase when the bag arrived: the leather is beautiful, the color is better than in the picture, and it arrives with a cloth bag for storage. This handbag may quickly become my favorite, unknown brand or not! I love it.



leather handbags on sale



leather handbags on sale
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review 3:

I’m using this bag on vacation right now and am very pleased. Very useful size for the days of sightseeing and shopping and great as a personal item on the flight. The leather feels, looks and smells like great quality (though I’ll admit I’m not the best judge of that), and unlike another reviewer said the bag stands up fine when I have a few items in it. I’m very happy with my purchase and will order from La Poet again without hesitation.


review 4:

I read all the reviews and was skeptical at first but this bag is great! Smells of beautiful leather and color contrast were as hoped. I love big bags and this is more medium-sized but lots of space inside. A little heavy but quality is great








review 1:

This is my seconds’ zone bag. I’ve been toting the first one around daily for a year and it looks brand new.

But I wanted a red tote to match the trim on my motorcycle for summer bike commuting season and settled on this one. It’s a beast- I didn’t get the larger one and didn’t need to!

It holds everything comfortably and the straps are both sewn and riveted for strength.
The first thing I did was put the shoulder strap aside for special occasions, and replace it with a nylon strap scavenged off a carry-on.

Not that the strap that comes with it isn’t strong, but I don’t want it getting misshapen or slapping around on the highway.
The bag is really well built and holds everything I need plus some stuff I probably don’t 🙂 see pics. I can still put my lunch (a pint mason jar of whatever) in on top of it all and easily zip it.
There are just enough interior pockets to keep stuff sort of organized, plus I keep my makeup etc in pouches anyway.
My experience with the previous bag is that they don’t mind a little rain.
It’s perfect!



review 2:

This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I purchased 2 other bags before this one that was just too small or stiff. I finally decided to spend a little more and it was so worth it. The minute I pulled it out of its wrapping I was in love with it. The leather is soft, not stiff at all and it smells wonderful. It’s a perfect size. I can fit my usual purse stuff in it as well as my water bottle, chrome book, and lunch with room to spare. The packaging was very thorough, even wrapping on the zippers. I recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for that perfect bag.



leather handbags on sale
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review 3:

Love this bag! Probably my new favorite.

As others have said, the packaging was beyond excellent: almost overkill, but it certainly shows how much the sellers care about what they make and sell! Every piece of metal was shrinkwrapped; every strap wearing a plastic “slip”.

It took me at least 5 minutes just to get everything off, and that’s after pulling it out of the plastic bag the whole thing was wrapped in, and then the fabric bag beneath that!

I LOVE big bags; I actually REQUIRE them! Unless I’m going to the grocery store w/ just wallet/phone/keys, I need big bags. Aside from the usual cough drops/gum/makeup/lotion/migraine pills, I always have at LEAST one book, then sometimes/often clothing, knitting which is always in its OWN bag, lunch, etc…

or all of that and more. I’m a solo-working momma with a three-year-old boy, so I’ll have his stuff in there too: extra snacks, the occasional Hot Wheel! So, it’s a lot and I need a big bag for that.
At my maximum of crap I’m carrying, this is a bit small. I notice it most when going to church: Bible, journal, my kid’s sweatshirt, my coffee cup.


I could use a tad bit more room.


BUT, this bag fits my small frame PERFECTLY, whereas my giant black bag which my son blandly says, “It’s not a purse, Momma; it’s a suitcase!” that fits all that and can take some more crap, looks too big for my tiny size.

I look like I’m going to fall over.

That’s really all MY issue, not the bag’s, however. What I love about this that my black bag completely lacks is the zippered opening and the zippered compartments: one on the side, one large pocket down the middle.

This latter I would have preferred to be on the side; I like that I can zip my wallet up, but don’t care for the straight-down-the-middle divide. When I pack this thing with books, that pocket gets in the way.

This is the ONLY thing I do NOT LIKE about this bag, but the rest: it’s all wonderful!

The lining truly is excellent quality. The exterior.

very soft and yet not so soft like my leather sofa, that you fear every catch and brush-up is going to scratch it.

It IS heavy, but considering all that I pack into my bags, the weight of the purse in negligible to me.

If I’m going to complain about the weight of my bag then I need to carry one less book!

The color is as I expected, and while not my first choice, given everything else, I don’t care a bit now!
Like most everyone else, this bag is a dream!



review 4:


I love this bag and highly recommend it. It is excellent quality with all of the features of the high-end designer bags without the designer price. I plan to purchase the black one too.






review 1:

Love it. Very stylish the bright croc pattern. This satchel is ideal for those of us who have many items to carry. I can fit my tablet and charger, wallet, personal items, small make-up case, cell phone, and the bag does not look bulky. And, when I have a small evening outing,

I can just carry the wallet that holds the necessary in a convenient and lovely way.
The bag sides are firm, which means the bag will not lose its shape.
The only thing I would correct is the handle’s (nice bamboo detail):

they are always in up-right position and they are not able to fold down. Hence, when storing in my closet it can not be placed in an upright position and have to place it on its side. Also if on an airplane, it can not fit under your seat and if stowing above head you will have to place sideways and you run the risk of someone placing something over it.
I will review after use to see how the material and shine withstands.


review 2:

I really like this bag, looks more expensive than it was. Unfortunately though one of the pins connecting the strap to the bag broke a few weeks after I got it. I contacted customer service and because the part wasn’t fixable they sent me a brand new bag! Which I was able to pick out and is equally as beautiful. Customer service was super quick and responsive and shipped a new bag within two days of me contacting them. (Shipping on the new bag took a little longer than the first but can’t really complain much about that.) The wallet is also really nice quality, everything looks pretty much just like it does in the pictures. Definitely recommend if you don’t have $150 to spend on a purse.



leather handbags on sale
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review 3:

this is an incredible product. it has pockets and mid zipper and the bag closes. It’s such a quality bag you can’t believe it.
I purchased the Black, Tan, Grey and I’m resisting on more colors but you must enjoy this bag. Luxurious and looks like a Tory Birch bag. its nice and big. I have to carry everything. enjoy ladies.


review 4:


I love my new purse. I’m surrounded by people that have expensive designer handbags. Although I can afford them, I’d much rather have nice things that are inexpensive.

I also find it funny how curious women are at what other women has.

I get a lot of looks with many inexpensive but eye-catching handbags that I own but this one is a favorite so far.

I’ve actually been approached a lot and asked what brand it was all the while having expected me to say some expensive name brand.

I don’t tell everyone the truth. I like the idea that people know I can afford an expensive piece so they automatically assume that I’m carrying one. I love having something that no one around me has.

I can’t tell you how many people I know that owns the same exact Coach, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbag. I have no desire to be anyone but me.

Why have the same purse as everyone around you??? It’s fun knowing that people know I can afford an expensive handbag so they think that I’m carrying one and they want to know what it is. I love that. I recently purchased a second purse for a good friend of mine that loved it a lot. She couldn’t believe the cost. She thought it was big bucks!! Anyways, I told her where to get it but I ordered it right away and surprised her with it. She loves it too!!! I hope you do too!!







review 1:

I love this purse and my Mom loved mine so much that I got her the black one. The only thing is that the tassels on both of ours feel off at some point. I put mine back on, but I think my Mom just took hers completely off. With or without them they are still really cute and fit more stuff in it than expected.



review 2:

I am very particular about the purse that I use. I read the product description and every review. I absolutely love this purse. If I could design my own purse, this would be how I would design it. It has a very nice amount of room and a top zipper to secure all three compartments in the main part of the purse. The decorate flower on the front was neatly tucked into the purse during shipping so no broken flower. The flower is also detachable so if you don’t care for it you can simply remove. Soft, stylish and stands upright. I purchased the red purse now I am planning on purchasing a second purse in a different color.



leather handbags on sale
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review 3:

I have this bag but in a different color. I purchased the first gray one about a year ago and am very pleased with the size and the number of internal pockets. I also like that it has three separate openings on the inside.



review 4:

Just right. I love the inside being a slick material feels waterproof or resistant. The strap is just right hung at my hip and the handles are soft and thick. It is nice and I love it! Very functional design.




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