October 19, 2021

What Everyone Is Saying About michael michael kors mercer pebble leather crossbody

What Everyone Is Saying About michael michael kors mercer pebble leather crossbody

by me

Michael Michael kors mercer pebble leather crossbody:

Michael Kors (born August 9, 1959, on Long Island)

is an American designer who creates a ready-to-wear brand that bears his name; and president Michael Kors Holdings Ltd.




MICHAEL Michael Kors Mercer Pebbled Leather Accordion Crossbody


Michael Michael kors mercer pebble leather crossbody


review  1:

Michael Kors is my favorite bags and when this came out I had to get my hands on it! The quality is amazing and well made. I love how it has pockets on the inside! Definitely a major steal!!


review 2:

This bag is gorgeous, I can wait for spring to come so I can carry it, I also got the wallet to match !! Love this bag & as you can see I also got the brown too (wallet to match too).


review 3:

If you haven’t grabbed one yet, honey you better RUN! They are hard to get but totally worth the wait. As much as I want to say this is the best MK tote bag, I have to give major props to MK craftsmanship. It’s legit beautiful, and the price is worth it. with a stick! I’ve seen some of the reviews about how the creme bag color is blue but I do see yellow in the stretching (which I believe is the same as the creme tote MK bag and to be completely honest…who cares! Most importantly let’s address that they are NOT MK and every craftsmanship has its own unique design. Regardless it’s a beautiful bag. I am looking forward to hopefully completing my collection and order more of the checkered items once more becomes available. Thank you Michael kors


MICHAEL Michael Kors Mercer Pebbled Leather Accordion Crossbody
MICHAEL Michael Kors
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review 4:

For someone who owns multiple authentic designer bags, I can tell you that the quality of this bag is just as good! It’s so durable for all of the stuff I have to carry around for myself and family. I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to expand my collection with the other colors!



review 5:

It does not disappoint! If this is the “look” you’ve been trying to achieve but you didn’t want to break the bank… ORDER this bag now! The quality is better . I will definitely be ordering more if more colors are released.


review 6:

All I can say is WOW! This is such a great purse at this price point.

I follow Micheal kors bags and she led me to this designer-inspired bag.

I love the look of it. was pleasantly surprised when it arrived just 36 hours after I ordered it.

The bag is sturdy, the stitching is nice and smooth,

and the pattern/color is very fashionable.

(I ordered the brown color because I read other reviews saying the white one had yellow stitching which put me off. The brown bag has brown stitching.)

The inside pouch is great for small cards and the phone pouches on the side of the purse fit an iPhone xs perfectly.

I normally don’t buy purses on amazon but this is a must-buy especially if u like this style.

I am glad I gave this bag a try, it’s really great for its price.

It’s also hard to find it in stock, so if it’s in stock it’s our lucky day!






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