October 20, 2021

The michael michael kors mercer pebbled leather accordion crossbody Article of Your Dreams

The michael michael kors mercer pebbled leather accordion crossbody Article of Your Dreams

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michael michael kors mercer pebbled leather accordion crossbody: Michael David Kors (born Carl Anderson Jr., 9 August 1959)

[2] is an American fashion designer.

He is the honorary chairman and chief creative officer of his Brenda [3], Michael Kors,

who sells male and female and ready for carrying, supplements, watches, jewelry, footwear, and smell.

Kors was the first female designer for the French House of Celine, from 1997 to 2003.

January 2, 2019, Michael Kors Holdings Limited officially;

changed the name to Capri Holdings Limited (NYSE). Michael Kors,

Jimmy Choo and Versace are three brands led at the Capri Holdings Limited. 6


MICHAEL Michael Kors Women’s Mercer Medium Tote


review 1:

I purchased this as an employee drawing prize for our annual company Christmas Party. I wear a lot of Michael Kors bags and plugins, so I was skeptical to ask for it.

When the bag arrived, it was completely wrapped in plastic and inside the plastic was wrapped in MK tissue paper. The original price of the MK was included, along with a range of sponsorship.

This perfectly authentic bag was in excellent condition, without scratching.

The recipient of the prize was extremely pleased. There are some reviews complaining about the size. The title explicitly says this is a small bag.

It is a cute little handbag and contains a strap so that you can use it as a crossbody.

This is not the large Mercer. The dimensions are clearly printed under the product description.

For the price, you will not be able to find a large Mercer bag. This is a great buy and a great bag. I would definitely recommend.


review 2:

I love it. It’s super cute. The option to wear over your shoulder or crossbody is great to have but most of the time I just slide it on my forearm; and when I do, I just tuck the strap into the side. It holds two sets of epi-pens, two eyeglass cases, and a chapstick. I’ll probably buy a cardholder that’ll fit in the zipper section because it’s not really that big. I’m used to carrying around just a wristlet so I find this a great step up in size for when I go out with the family and need to carry their stuff. I’ve never bought a Michael Kors so I can’t speak of authenticity but it is a beautiful small purse. He came in with Kors block and wrapped in Kors tissues.


review 3:

This is my favorite KORS bag. It is small and holds just what I want it to, cell phone, credit cards, sunglasses, small makeup bag. I don’t like carrying a huge bag and having to dig around inside looking for items. The color is a beautiful Marigold yellow. The bag was shipped as if it came from Micheal Kors. Everything was wrapped well and the dust bag was included! I love this bag so much I actually own 6! I will definitely purchase another one from this vendor!


review 4:

Cute and playful Ultra Pink Python pattern is Gorgeous! Very pretty safianno leather will wear well and hold it’s shaped long term. Size small satchel bag with crossbody strap. No secure closure for two outer pockets but does have a center zippered pocket for valuables.


review 5:

As this is a Christmas Gift for my niece I can’t give an honest answer for her but I think it’s a great bag.


review 6:

I haven’t unwrapped it completely because it’s a gift, but I did inspect what I could and it’s beautiful. Fast shipping. Thank you, she’s gonna love it!


review 7:

I was concerned about the size but its the perfect size that I was looking for. The color is perfect.


michael michael kors mercer pebbled leather accordion crossbody

michael michael kors mercer pebbled leather accordion crossbody
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review 8:

This bag is beautiful. It’s petite so I can carry it everywhere, day or night. Holds just what I need. Love it


review 9:

A gorgeous bag that automatically makes me feel more polished, even if wearing jeans and sneakers. Super clean, classic, understated design, and beautifully constructed. It is definitely more form over function, however, at least if you’re looking to use it as a proper work bag (which, for me, means decent room for files and a small lunch bag). Fits enough daily essentials, otherwise. It’s also definitely on the heavier side, as others have mentioned. For these reasons, I was on the fence upon receiving it, but ultimately, neither con was a deal-breaker for me. I typically err on the side of function and am not that into fussy bags, but the form on this one is tough to resist.

review 10:

Very pretty bag, bought for my mom for Christmas it’s in excellent condition and looks beautiful. Definitely wish it came with more MK wrapping paper lol but that’s small. Also, the L on Michael is a little misplaced compared to the other letters not sure why. But besides that it’s beautiful.


review 11:

I absolutely love this purse. The colors are true and go perfectly with my wardrobe. I would not have thought to purchase it had Amazon not put it in an ad (in a different color but I was drawn to the shape and size than found this beautiful black/white/grey purse.) Thank you.


review 12:

Bought as a Christmas gift for daughter, she is very happy and likes the bag a lot. It’s a nice size, not too big, definitely not too small. She doesn’t use the strap, only the handles.


review 13:


It’s the real deal. Compared to my two other mercer totes bags from Macy’s. I don’t like labels all over my bags, I think it makes a classic bag look cheap, so I’m in love with this bag.


review 14:

Omg, I’m in love with my bag the color is an all year round color! Matches everything. The bag was authentic, I took it to the local Michael Kors store and confirmed it with the manager. I uploaded some pics in case some ppl like myself was or is skeptical this bag is also in the store right now for a reg price of 298$! So happy I found this one for 189$🤗😝 anywho it’s about the width of a reg sheet of paper and a long strap u can wear on the shoulder or as a crossbody. Hope this helps!







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