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You look for a purse that is functional, stylish, and attractive. now is Coming to your request

Review 1

Received the purse today and so far I’m very happy with it! Like one of the other reviewers, I am not the type to switch purses frequently depending on my outfit. I look for a purse that is functional, stylish and attractive. When I find such a purse and love it, it goes with me everywhere. I used my last two-tone leather purse for six years and while the bag itself was in excellent condition, the strap was not leather and was worn out. I purchased the Kendra as a replacement for that purse and I believe that it will again be that purse that I love and use everywhere. It is roomy yet light and comfortable to hold. It is stylish and high quality with a subtle boho look that makes it unique. So far I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Review 2

This is a beautiful purse! The leather is oh so soft, the length of the strap is just right, and I LOVE the 3 outside pockets – my keys fit nicely in one of the end pockets, and my iPhone fits well in the other end pocket. The zippered outside pocket is for my credit cards, driver’s license, and cash. The inside is plenty roomy, and I can find everything that I’m looking for. I love the shape of this bag – a rectangular bag [east-west, rather than north-south where everything falls to the bottom] that looks really nice when I’m carrying it. I got it in black, but I may have to get it in another color as well. It’s just gorgeous!

Review 3

The only thing I didn’t like about the bag is the interior it’s an ugly brown or tan color. what was advertised with a beautiful teal blue lining but I got this tan looking lining instead so not a big issue other than that the bag is perfect the size is perfect I can put all my things in it a wallet even a small book the strap is perfect it’s not too long I am a short person so sometimes the straps on the bags are too long for me but this was excellent I would purchase another bag like this again I love the leather very soft great handbag and the price is right.

Review 4

Love the handbag. Perfect size….the sienna is a wonderful color. Zipper closure on top, and one zipper inside and one outside. Perfect! But, I must say that when it first arrived the inside of the bag had a strange odor. Airing it out outside finally worked and now I’m a happy camper.

Review 5

I love this purse. The leather I soft. The shoulder strap is long but still falls off my shoulder. I have to hold on to it with one hand when it’s over my shoulder. The compartments are nice. I do home health on the weekends and I have enough room for my vital sign equipment, 2 tablets, and my phone. If only it stayed on my shoulder. Besides that, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Review 6

I was really looking for a well-made purse with outside side pockets because I hate fumbling for items I need. I can put my glasses on one side and my cell phone on the other for easy, quick access. I also didn’t want a purse that was too big and had a more relaxed, less structured look to it. This one checked off all the items on my list. My photo makes it look redder than it really is. The lining is also thick and durable. I expect this purse will last me a good number of years. I gave it 4 stars for lightweight as, just because of the thickness of the leather and lining, it’s not cheap and lightweight.

Review 7

I have waited forever for exactly the right black bag, and this Sak bag is it! I am only 5 feet tall and most “larger” bags overwhelm me, but this bag is perfect. I love the east/west design, and this bag gives me more than enough room to carry everything I need, and the strap length is perfect. Don’t hesitate to give this bag a try! You won’t be sorry.

UPDATE: I purchased this purse in black back in March. In June I came back and ordered the slate and the indigo, and they are fabulous. The size is perfect, the pockets are perfect, and the colors are great. I also love the fact that it has a single shoulder strap.

Review 8

I love this handbag – the light interior lining makes everything easy to find. It is just big enough to hold all my essentials. The only problem (not a deal-breaker!), I wish this was a crossbody. Slips off my shoulders and prevents me from using both hands for shopping, as a crossbody would. Otherwise, it’s a sturdy, well-made, stylish purse and priced right.

Review 9

I purchased this purse in black. The leather is soft and it’s just the perfect size for my needs. I was not terribly excited by the lining pictured, but I thought it would be good for finding my black wallet, keys, and phone. I was pleasantly surprised to find the lining in my favorite color, teal. It’s gorgeous and all my black things won’t blend it. I am very happy with this bag and the price was excellent.

Review 10

Love this handbag! High-quality soft leather. I selected the bag that is rich Carmel leather & trimmed in black with slight white stitching. Not bulky yet holds everything without adding unnecessary weight. Obviously designed by a woman. This small hobo bag is perfect because you can see everything inside without wasted depth. I also ordered the same style in cream. An important feature to me is the single wide shoulder strap that hugs my shoulder comfortably. Most handbags have thin double shoulder straps & one always falls off! Love it & highly recommend it,

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