October 19, 2021

The Sheep Hobo Bags For Women

Are you looking hobo bags for women your organizational dream that you wish would come true? For many years, hobo bags have been the most…

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Are hobo bags for women your organizational dream that you wish would come true?

For many years, hobo bags have been the most popular choice in bag design all over the world.
in this article, we give you the best sheep hobo bags for women

DOURR Women’s Multi-pocket Shoulder Bag Fashion Cotton Canvas Handbag Tote Purse

Review 1

UPDATE: The seller contacted me to see if I was happy with my purchase. When I told them what happened to my initial purchase, they immediately apologized. They offered to send me a new bag for free. They were in constant contact when the new bag was shipped and when I received it. I am more than happy with the way they fixed the faulty bag. I would definitely buy from them again!

ORIGINAL MAIL: Super excited when I opened my package. It was shipped the same day and carefully packaged. On the first inspection of all the pockets and zippers, I was immediately disappointed when one side of the magnetic button broke. It looks like some kind of glue held the magnet together when I tried to open the pocket on either side of the button sticking out of the fabric. Immediate disappointment.

While the problem was easily fixed by loosening the knot, gluing the ties back into the fabric, and adding a little extra glue for added security, this is definitely not what you want when you get a new product.
With the exception of the button failure, overall I’m quite impressed with the quality, size, and level of comfort. For less than $ 20 it’s great.

Review 2

I love this bag. Neither too big nor too small, it holds everything I need without looking bulky and sits comfortably on my shoulder. This bag is very well made, with straight stitching and no loose threads. Although the straps are thin, they are made of genuine leather and securely sewn to the bag. I have no doubt this bag will last me a long time. I am very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it.

Review 3

This is the third wallet I am buying. I have one in black, light blue and now this color. They are very well done. The straps remain on my shoulders. The wallet is neither too big nor too small. There are 3 separate compartments. The middle one has a zipper and the other two have magnetic snaps.

I’ve never had any issues with the snaps and the zipper works great on both wallets. These are my favorite handbags! I have been using black for about 2 years and just switched to blue. Black still looks great and as you can see the suspenders are as good as the day I bought them! I also used blue but switched to black some time ago.

I never went back to blue until a few weeks ago because I hate changing wallets. Now I have red. Looks like I’m going to change whether I like it or not.

Review 4

I’m tough on handbags, so I decided to look for something inexpensive instead of paying big critters for a handbag that I irritate and pop easily. This wallet is my favorite. The quality of the canvas is heavy and will stand up to anything I put on it. the bottom of the bag is also very solid. The zippered side pockets are ideal for storing keys, my iPhone – which I want to access quickly without having to dig into the bottom of my bag. I highly recommend it.

Review 5

items like wallet and keys in the center pocket and notepad, tablet, and drinks in the outside pockets. He adapts a lot and uses it for work and everyday things. I got a lot of compliments at work and friends asking where to get one and color options. I love this bag

Review 6

It arrived before the indicated date :), it is of excellent quality, it totally exceeded my expectations. The super resistant material, the seams with no damage, it fits a lot of things, even my laptop, which is a Lenovo yoga, easily fits an Ipad too.

It is so beautiful, I am going to order more colors.

I ordered the big one.

Review 7

I’ve been looking for the right bag for ages and think I’ve finally found it!
I like the 3 compartments, all of which offer a lot of space. If you need small pockets in the 2 outer pockets, I have found a wallet organizer to fit quite well.

It looks great without being too flashy like some bags. It is well made, the canvas is quite good and the straps hold very well.

I can store so many things in it that I don’t need and it gives me ridiculous joy. Right now it has the magazine, a Samsung tablet, a few packs of smoke, 16oz beer, wallet keys, makeup, pens, notebooks, another bag or 2 for shopping, 3 lighters, cell phone, car keys, other random items, and a bunch of snacks (dodgy sandwich, a bag of chips and some candy – because I’m an adult).

It’s absolutely perfect !! I will be buying it in different colors soon.

Review 8

I’ve been looking for a canvas bag online for months now and while I was able to find a lot that I liked, the prices were way higher than what I usually spend on a bag. So when I found this one on Amazon it was exactly what I was looking for at a price that fell within my budget. I love the off-white color, exactly like the picture and even with all of my items, it is light enough to wear on my bad shoulders. I like the three separate compartments to keep everything from scrambling, making it hard to find what you’re looking for. The other brands that sell canvas bags only had large bags, some with heavy metal closures that just add more weight that I wasn’t looking for. Overall I am very happy with my bag and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of casual everyday bag.

Review 9

I’m not the type to have a collection of wallets and ruin the wallet that I had. I needed it fairly quickly. I don’t spend $ 50 on a wallet. I am not that girl. I love the selection of colors they have. Handbags are ridiculously priced and when you go cheaper they get ugly but I love this bag. The organization that allows me to have it is pretty great. As a mom, I end up with stuff that gets put in the bag so I wish I had the bigger one, but that’s okay. It’s very cute and would go with anything I wear. I certainly can’t fill this with silly stuff, but perfect for what I need to work in and out of. The suspenders are a little flimsy, but you can’t cram them like others who don’t support the weight and make crappy suspenders for big handbags. I might go for the bigger one, but I’m really happy with my purchase.

Review 10

I love this bag. It’s a perfect size, has 3 sections and I like it. I have never owned a bag so divided into sections and I find that I like it very much. It’s big enough for all of my stuff, but not too big to take with me. I chose the denim blue color and I like that too. It’s a color that shows no dirt or dust, but it looks beautiful with whatever I wear. The straps are long enough to be worn over my shoulder but short enough to be carried in my hand if needed.

Review 11

Excellent bag … so happy with the two bags I received, one in light beige denim and one in blue denim, both large. The photos don’t do it justice, the bags are roomy, very sturdy without being bulky, well constructed. The pockets are extremely useful and again well constructed. Very nice bag, intended to pick one and keep, keep both and order another! Perfect bag for summer durable but not heavy, the handles are long enough to carry the bag comfortably on your shoulder. I usually only buy good leather bags at fairly expensive prices, thought I would try something different for the season and am more than pleasantly surprised and happy the price is excellent for this item.

Review 12

I have this bag because I’m sick of my things getting lost in my bag. This bag is the perfect size for me and feels really comfortable even with a lot of stuff in it. It can hold more than you expect without being bulky or bulky.

I can put a b5 notebook and my Bullet Journal storage pouch on one side, my wallet, phone, snacks and a water bottle on the other, and the center has all the meds I need along with my lip balm and a small bottle of perfume.

There is still room for more stuff, but I try to keep it in my must-haves so that it doesn’t get too heavy.

It is well made and looks super solid!

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