October 19, 2021

What Everyone Is Saying About Sling Bag for Women

Sling Bag for Women

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What is a sling bag for women?

sling bag for women is A small or large bag with a long shoulder strap that is removable and adjustable. … Handbags are usually larger, allowing more space to place different items. The straps are used on bags to create a specific angle on the body. It can also be modified for use



MOSISO Sling bag for women


review 1:


Finally got the lovely and perfect sling bag as my daily carry-on. I used to bring along a traditional backpack – even though it wasn’t that big, it was still too big for the stuff I usually haul with me. and not too small. It can carry everything that I need on-hand: my medications (Asthma inhaler, heart medication), hearing aid case (and back up batteries), phone, 2DS XL, sunglasses, chargers (plugs, cables, etc), and a few pens. The fact that the strap is able to be adjusted for lefties and righties is a very big plus for me! It can be worn casually or semi-casually – meaning this isn’t too out of place with office-wear either.



review 2:


This bag has absolutely blown away my expectations! It’s not a daily bag for me and I’m not rough with it…so I was very surprised it started doing that only after one month of owning it. I did email the company and they are sending me a replacement part so I will update this review after that. Because I’m an unsure exactly what part. They aren’t sending me a whole new bag. Which is a little confusing? I really like the bag. It’s a perfect size. I’m able to fit an iPad in it with other things. Besides the issue with the seams, I really do love the bag.

Update: they sent me a new bag. Happy happy! Because it really is a great bag!


review 3:

Great bag with sturdy zippers and clips.

Just like another one I bought it came with such a STRONG plastic smell that I had to clean it afterward. I can’t say if both of them had been sealed for so long or something like that but it was really foul. It cost it a star because I had to use it right away but it was impossible with the smell. Had to give it a quick clean first

(Attached images with kindle Paperwhite so you can have a better grasp of the size


sling bag for women

sling bag for women
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review 4:

I have to tell you that I was stopped at a festival and asked about this bag. My son and his girlfriend were with me, and this bag kept them from carrying a bunch of stuff by hand or filling their pockets.one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made. Hands-free and the inside pockets are safe from anyone being able to get into them without considerable effort. I like it so much that I bought two more for Christmas gifts.


review 5:

This sling bag was a last-minute purchase for our trip to Spain. It was perfect!!!! I had multiple compliments but most of all it was comfortable and practical. I was able to carry a water bottle and even tote my coat through the straps when things got a little warm. The straps are adjustable and no doubt you can make it comfortable.


review 6:

So…I’ve always been a bag person…always on the search for the perfect cute/functional bag…well, I finally got tired of being that mom at the park/playground/indoor birthday party place lugging around a giant handbag. I had tried using my backpack, but that’s a pain because you have to take it off every time you need something. Plus, you’re wearing a backpack. So I hear about sling bags and decided to try one. It needed to be rather large, water-resistant (can’t speak to that yet though!), cute,

and entirely functional. I got into this one because it fit the size/cuteness factors and because IT WAS SO CHEAP ($16.99) I figured I couldn’t lose. Well, it holds all my junk (sunglasses case, wallet, camera and case, hard drive, chapstick, and incidentals plus a regular size water bottle on the side. It is cushioned well, meaning my items are not stabbing me in the back. The clip on the end of the strap can be put on either side depending on how you want to sling bag it. Plus, if you don’t feel like putting it over your head all the time you can wear it on one shoulder easily. I also love the color and get so many compliments on it! The trendy other rope bags cost at least twice as much. This is such a great value…highly recommend!







review 1:

I went on a trip through Argentina and needed a smaller bag that I could take around Buenos Aires with some security features and also hike around the jungle and glaciers with. This thing was a champ. I had looked at some similar sling bags that were MUCH more expensive, and this thing was way better!

The side pocket can fit both an umbrella AND a bottle of water at the same time. RFID pouch is generous, although I did cut the RFID tag off since it seemed like drawing attention to what is supposed to be a hidden pocket. The cell phone pocket fits an iPhone 7 (likely the 7 Plus. I had a massive case on my regular 7 and there was a lot of room to spare).

This thing got wet, sawdust, was crammed with stuff, and it is still as good as new. The zippers are incredibly sturdy. I actually came back on to buy another sling bag and am disappointed they are sold out. If it comes back, BUY IT.


review 2:

I love this bag! It’s well made, stylish and very comfortable. I used it for going to an outdoor theme park with my two toddlers over the weekend and it worked wonderfully!
All of my essentials (spare clothes, ponchos, bug spray, sunscreen, hats, umbrella) fit into the main compartment. The hidden pocket is perfect to store my wallet and credit cards, making me feel like they were secure. Pocket on the chest strap fits my Samsung S5 phone and tickets. It makes it easy to grab it quickly for taking pictures. Side elastic pocket comfortably fits my water bottle. Lightly padded back and weight distribution of the bag make it very comfortable to carry all day. Definitely recommend!


review 3


I’m really loving this backpack. I have 3 boys and use it as a diaper bag. It is exactly as described and seems very well made, which is good because I need something durable. So happy that my iPhone 7 plus in the strap pocket. Also, I like how easy it is to adjust the strap, very easy to tighten or loosen. The mess pocket for a water bottle is perfect, expands easily and chinches up. The pockets are great and help you keep the bag organized. A place to fit all my kids’ stuff in a there big pocket, room for snacks and my wallet in the middle pocket, keys, and chapstick in the front pocket. A secret pocket is great too, but can’t tell you what I put in there because it’s supposed I am a secret.



sling bag for women
sling bag for women
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review 4:


I ordered this compact but very handy sling-type bag for my husband, Ray. His previous backpack was very large & my spouse was always stuffing it with items he’d purchase while grocery shopping.

We are not as young as we used to be & I was somewhat concerned that Ray might injure his neck, shoulders, or back with his previously used big, monster backpack.

I ordered this bag/pack as a surprise gift for him, & it made quite a big hit!

The only negative feedback I can report is that this bag is most certainly NOT canvas, but is made of some kind of thick polyester material.

I am still giving this sling bag 5 stars because the design & details are top quality.

I especially noticed that the zippers are sturdy & work very well.


review 5:

This #2 for me! My first one was a bit small for I was in need to carry a few more things than before! I Love this Sling Bag! I, wear on my back & when I need to get something from one of the generalist compartments,

All I do is BRING it around to the front! I, don’t carry much, therefore it’s not heavy! I, put my VB Wallet purse in the Main compartment and Yes! You can also add your large I-Pad

~~ Not the: 22-inch I-Pad! For me, adding my I-Pad, it makes this sling bag a bit more heavy than I want! It has a place on the strap for your Cell phone Witch I don’t use! I did put my car keys on the porch and proceeded to lose the keys for I forget that I put them there! I, like the breakaway unit on the strip, makes it easy to remove, Not over the Head! You can carry this bag over the shoulder or cross-shoulder /

chest! You can wear on your back or turn it around and proceed to wear it in Front! This has taken the place of my very expensive Purses ~ which are heavy! It leaves my hands free. The zippers are very secure, sometimes a little hard for even me to get into! On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about others trying to get into nor trying to relieve me of the sling bag! I, looked a very long time before I decided this sling bag was for me! I did not want a backpack for everyday use! Over All! I would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends! Matter of fact, I gave my smaller one to a friend of mind and She Loves it!


review 6:


This is a great bag. I am constantly in search of a bag I can carry each week to the clinic for my son’s 3+ hour visits and this may be the one.

It has to be small and light enough to carry but big enough and possess enough pockets, to carry everything I need, typically a tablet or Kindle Fire (or both), possibly a paper-bound book, as well as cords for recharging, earphones, pens, a pad of paper, and various other sundry items.

This bag has enough pockets and they are nicely arranged. This includes an RFID blocking anti-theft pocket in the back, which if you wear the bag on your chest will be against your chest, and against your back otherwise. There is a small zip pocket in front, a slightly larger zip pocket behind that, and then the main compartment, which has room for a small laptop or tablet. There is also a phone pocket that holds my Samsung S6 complete with its protective case, and if you use headphones that plugin rather than Bluetooth headphones, there is a handy little hole for them as well.

It’s also a great looking bag and comfortable to wear. It has a pocket for a water bottle as well, and it’s also water-resistant, which is a great feature if you’re outside a lot or a bike ride.

I literally cannot think of a single negative to this bag. I wish I’d found it sooner!







If you’ve ever experienced one of these sling bag for women  Share your review in the comments section.


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