The Best Hobo Bag is a Trendy Accessory

The best hobo bag is a trendy accessory that remains the same. It is a well-known type of handbag which is widely used because it is very practical. It can be worn on your shoulder so that your hands are completely free. Chances are you’ve already bought at least one handbag, and after reading the article, you will understand why you should buy another one. People are visual creatures. We love what we see. And when you see a beautiful bag, you can’t resist buying it. This look is suitable for casual jumpsuits and evening wear and is ideal for women who carry a lot of small things in their bags.

The name “Hobo”

When you hear the phrase “hobo bag” might remind you of a real bugger or a bag in your closet. This is exactly how this handbag gets its name. Its appearance is very similar to the bag worn by this American subculture. This culture appeared at the end of the 19th century and since then this term has also become known. They were simple workers and led difficult life. Getting around and traveling was a daily struggle. In the search for a job, vagrants had to wear almost all things for personal use. Their package was large and filled with many items. When you picture a wanderer in your head, he’s wearing a cane and a plaid scarf, a handkerchief, and a blanket tied around him. Hobos carried these bags on a stick or on the shoulder while on vacation or on the road.

The history of the Hobo bag

Over the years, the design and materials of the bag have become very important factors. Tramps still use their type of bags, but they were considered old-fashioned and have been erased from the fashion sky. Several of them were also in the upgraded hobo bag. The first of these aircraft appeared in 1936 under the name Gilda. They sold it for 35 cents, believe it or not. This bag is made of flexible fabric and its structure is not fully defined. Gucci had a hobo handbag in the 1950s, and for the next decade it was called Jackie. The reason for the return of popularity was the hippie movement. Hippies wore plaid canvas bags.

On the other hand, there was very elegant leather and tanned leather. It was worn by the first lady, which indicates the beauty and fashion of that time. Although, unwittingly, the bums have revolutionized bags. During this time, other types of bags have appeared, but fashion is an evolving category and we always want more. The designers, therefore, had the idea of making a bag similar to the one that the tramps carry on the shoulder. They launched different types of handbags and each had its own fans. In the 1970s, the retro style was very common.

At the time, the design of the hobo bag was slightly different but consistent with the time. After 1970 there was a short hiatus, then in 1999, and in the following years, a redesign was carried out. In 2017, the hobo bag attracted attention. Gabriel was created by Karl Lagerfeld. Gabrielle’s figure was slightly different, with a solid base and smooth skin for the body. Such models appeared very quickly after the new Karl model. Michael Kors, Bottega, Marc Jacobs, and many other brands have released their versions. Since then, millions of hobo bags have been sold every year around the world.


The hobo bag is known as a large shoulder bag. It has a long shoulder strap that allows you to move your bag hands-free. As mentioned earlier, it is made of many materials, but leather is the most common. Black or brown leather is a frequent choice of buyers. But the size of the bag varies.

Surprisingly, it can go from small with a belt to very large. You can go to the extreme with this handbag. The shape is usually a crescent moon and varies slightly. This is what hobo bags are widely known for. When worn, it may appear sagging or hunched if the bag material is delicate.

On the other hand, there are types similar to Karla’s Gabrielle, with a rigid base, and they are always in the same position, worn or fallen.

Why do you need a hobo bag.

First, let’s say that this type of bag belongs to classic bags. This is what everyone should have – a big bag for a daily walk or a relaxing evening. You can use it without thinking about the impression you will make. Simply put, carrying this type of bag leaves both a feeling of opacity and elegance at the same time. Plus, it’s very easy to put on thanks to the strap. Depending on the size of the bag, it goes well with ordinary clothes. Since it can vary in size to a fairly large one, you can fifit whatever you need in it. It is something.

You can carry anything you need with you if you have a handbag. Space is the biggest professional for this. Sometimes what you wear says a lot about your personality. Carrying a hobo bag defifinitely shows that you are an open-minded, fun and open-minded person. In our store you can fifind beautiful handmade leather handbags. We offer two great models of handbags in exotic colors (dark blue, wheat, green, etc.). I guess you don’t suspect the hobo bag. This is one of the most elegant and timeless pieces you will ever need in your wardrobe!

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