October 19, 2021

tote bag for work

tote bag

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A tote bag is a soft canvas bag with two handles, worn on the shoulder.

Etymologically, the word comes from the English “to tote”, which means “trimbaler” (in German, the bag proposed at the checkout is called “Tüte”)

In the early twentieth century, British postal workers used such bags, lighter than a leather bag, to deliver mail. Likewise, towards the middle of the century,

for the criers of newspapers in Europe and in America as well as for the transport of the household errands,

always for a functional purpose, held in hand by the handles

We will talk in Our article about tote bag for work.


tote bag for work



Sunny Snowy

The size is perfect for a 15-inch mac book. The whole bag is made out of Nylon so it is water resistance. My wife like how the bag comes with small pockets that she can organize her work items. The bag did smell a bit when we opened it and took about a day or two to get the smell out. But after that, it is perfect, super budget as a day bag. The material is soft and even though it is made out of nylon, she likes how the bottom is wrapped in leather for the extra protection for the wear and tear. The top zipper is smooth and provides extra security which is needed for a day bag.


Laptop Tote Bag, Fits 15.6-17 Inch 
tote bag
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LOVE this bag. I purchased this bag for work.

I’m working remotely often. Traveling from office to client to home, etc. The bag fits quite a bit in it. I typically can fit my laptop, my laptop accessories (charger cord & mouse),

my writing utensils, my planner, a binder and a few small files.

I sometimes can squeeze my coffee mug in there too. I love the front pocket for my cell phone and the interior side pocket for my small wallet when I am working out of a coffee shop. The product is of high quality.

I have had it for a little over a year and there is no visible wear or tear from everyday use. I highly recommend this product and will likely purchase from this seller again if needed. Thank you!


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SMRITI Canvas Tote Bag

I originally had an everyday work bag that had straps rip after about 3 months of use. Similar bag & material but less quality. Bought this bag as a replacement for about the same price and I’m so glad I did. When I originally pulled it out I thought it was smaller than I wanted, but I was wrong. You can fit so much in it, & it’s sturdy so I know it will last longer than my first.
The color is classic, and the bag is as voluminous as I need. I really like that the opening is somewhat smaller than the copious inside; the bag never falls over, and nothing ever falls out of it. The inner pockets are marvelous – the zipper pocket holds items that might otherwise lose themselves in the bottom of the bag, and the open pockets are perfect for my large keyrings and my iPhone 7+. All seams are really great – right and even, and the handles are long enough to tuck this under my arm from the shoulder. All in all, it’s the perfect bag for me.

Will buy again, in other colors… and perhaps, because I love this one so much and can never find things I love months or years later for repurchase, I will purchase this same bag again.


SMRITI Canvas Tote Bag for Women School Work Travel and Shopping
tote bag
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Great quality for the price, huge, and washable. As a new mom, I needed way more room than my bachelorette small handbags I was using. This bag fits my pump accessories, a journal, a book, baby wipes, and more. The straps are on the thicker side for a woman’s bag too, making them more comfortable. The thick canvas seems to be of good lasting quality, so I’ll update this review if it doesn’t hold up for long. I also washed it on “hand wash” (step down from delicate) and hung dry and noticed no change to color or shape. Exactly what I was looking for.


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A very nice tote bag with trendy designs! I will say it’s more like for business-leisure or travel purposes and that’s exactly what we want. The bag seems to be durable but not bulky at all. The best part is there’s plenty of room and compartment/pockets to make it even more functional.

This is a quality made and elegant laptop bag for ladies. I am satisfied to purchase this bag at a reasonable price, my mom also likes this bag just want to have it for her everyday use.


Laptop Bag for Women Lightweight Nylon Work Tote Bags Business School Computer Shoulder
tote bag
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Durable Laptop Bag for Women –

Made of soft and sturdy environmentally friendly nylon. Professional Padded Pocket with velcro straps avoid accidental scratches and bumps, keep your laptop and essentials safe.

The simple lines and solid colors make this large business tote a classically understated piece that will easily pair with any wardrobe
Roomy Compartment Work Totes for Women –

Laptop bag divided into three sections.1 main padded pocket with velcro straps, perfect for 15-15.6 inch laptop or tablet, 2 open big pockets,

roomy for your A4 documents and books, 2 slot pockets, and 1 small zipper pocket for stock your cellphone, wallet and important cards. External front 1 open pocket well organized your pens,

keys, lipstick glasses and other items
Perfect Size Laptop Tote Bag – Ideal size- 15.35″ W x 5.3″ D x 12.8″ H,

double shoulder handles 9.25″ help you distribute weight for a comfier carry.

Extremely lightweight just1.65 lb, it’s a universal size so it fits all 15-15.6 inch laptops,


which means you won’t have to upgrade when you get a bigger or smaller computer
Widely-Used Computer Bags

This bag came beyond my expectation. It’s made of decent fabrics with the color shown truly in the picture. My laptop fits in perfect and the handles are long enough to be put on the shoulder

. Loved the purchase.

I can easily fit my 15 inches MacBook Pro with its cover on inside the laptop section.

Can also carry a thick textbook, notebook, 2 drink bottles, pencil case,

kindle and wallet with room to spare. I was carrying about 10kg of stuff yesterday and the bag was able to manage this weight easily. It’s a very sturdy design. The outside pocket is useful for quick access items but notes that you can’t close it.


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I really like this bag! My 13-inch MacBook Pro fits in a well-padded case with a large area that holds my other daily items to work or when used as a “personal element” for trips. Stands upright pretty well when set on the ground. Water-proof exterior without looking plastic. Straps are sturdy and seem to be real leather, redlining is nice, and seems well-made overall. Dimensions listed are accurate. I bought this to travel for job interviews so I could carry everything I need but still have something understated and not too bulky–this fit the bill!
I do wish the handles were an inch or two longer so I could sling it over my shoulder with one hand, but overall it was a great purchase!



NEW Extra Large Work Tote Bag
tote bag
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  • Large Room: Fits to 13.5 Inch laptops, lunch box, A4 folders, books, cosmetics, cellphone, charger, etc
  • Organization: 1 main compartment, 1 interior zip pocket, 2 slip pockets, and 1 fixed interior key strap
  • Usage: a carry-all for work, errands, travel, school or everyday use
  • Reusable Package: Brand signature fabric dust bag
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ x 11.0″x 6.3″ (LxHxD); Handle Drop: 8.7″


I absolutely LOVE this bag! It arrived in the mail today, and I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. I plan to use this as a bag for work, and so far it seems durable for everyday use and travel to and from the office. I am able to fit my 13inch MacBook Pro, wallet, planner, notebook, and makeup bag in it with room left for more items as well! The material is perfect for any weather, especially rainy days. And best of all, it’s super cute!


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It fits everything that I need it to, it’s cute, and I’m hoping it’s going to be durable. It’s perfect for everything I need to carry around for my work.

I am able to fit my 13.3″ laptop (which is 12″ long plus a 1/2″ flash drive with more than two inches to spare), multiple folders, multiple journals, large water bottle, pens/postits/mouse/computer charger/toiletries,

there’s a nice pocket I put my lip balm in, the key strap, plus the front pocket fits my phone, hand sanitizer, and mini Clorox wipes.

Depending on where the water bottle is in my bag, it can be a little difficult to zip shut (if the bottle is closer to where the zipper starts, it zips fine), but the zipper works nicely and has fabric so that it pulls shut over everything inside easily.

The material is nice, wipes off easy. I’m hoping it’ll hold up to me wiping the bottom with Clorox wipes (I go in and out of nursing homes/patient homes).

I also used it for a festival/fireworks and carried around my large towel and sun hat,

I think it’s a really cute purse for casual stuff as well as work.

Because of how much I carry around, and I love how long the straps are because I can easily pull out stuff while the purse is on my shoulder.

I love that this purse actually fits everything I need it to, and also has room to pile things in on top if I need the space and don’t need to shut it.

I would definitely recommend this bag if you’re looking to carry a lot of stuff around with you!

*Update March 2018:

I’ve used this bag pretty much every workday for the last 7 months or so,

and I’m still really happy with it! It sometimes gets a weird white line around the bottom,

maybe from setting it places where there’s salt from the winter or from wiping it with a Clorox wipe?

Whatever the cause, it wipes right off with a little bit of water!

The edges of the straps are splitting, but this is just at the top of the straps and is just the outer rubber liner thingI’m still not bothered by it though because it’s not noticeable,

is only at the top, and the leather itself is still sturdy.

All in all, still super happy with it and intend to buy another one at some point so I can be sure to have a replacement whenever the day comes I need a new one since I spent a long time hunting for this bag!


YALUXE Tote for Women Leather Nylon Shoulder Bag Women’s Oxford Large Capacity Work fit 15.6 inch
tote bag
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As a teacher, some days you take homework and some days you take home practically half your classroom. No bag will ever exist that’s big enough for those days. But for normal days when you carry personal items, your planner and grade book, some extra books and papers to grade, and some random odds and ends, this bag is great. The straps don’t break and it zips shut so little classroom bugs can’t get in and important items don’t get rained on. It’s normal looking enough that I can go shopping or to a coffee shop after work and not feel like I’m carrying a neon “TEACHER” sign on my shoulder! I definitely recommend this for teachers looking for a new work bag.


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If you’ve already used one of these bags, share your experience in the comments section.

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