October 20, 2021

the best trayvax wallets review [ultimate guide]

Are you looking for trayvax wallets made of durable, high-quality standard materials?

The TRAYVAX® team was able to successfully fulfill this mission; the luxurious version of the wallets is the contour


trayvax wallet review

Trayvax Contour Minimalist Wallet Tactical Armor Steel Front Pocket RFID


About this trayvax wallet

  • 100% Leather
  • Made in USA
  • Elegant leather wallet design with slim profile
  • Titanium aluminum nitride (TiAIN) coating on CNC machined stainless steel plate
  • Top grain oil tanned leather
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • RFID Resistant
trayvax wallet
credit by amazon




review of trayvax wallet :1

Excellent quality with high-quality materials. it is a bit bulky to hold the front pocket.

However, you’ll say that within the future you will not need another wallet because this thing

is made a sort of a tank. this is often my Trayvax purchase.

I also tried the Armored Summit Wallet and Leather Link, which are both great products from Trayvax.

the sole reason I do not use the Summit is that I want more room.

The link is additionally great as a keychain.

there is a little bit of an interruption in quick release time,

but it’s still worth a glance if you’re interested.


review of trayvax wallet :2

A high dollar but high quality. A cool, lightweight and ultra-thin alternative to the traditional leather wallet. Mine has 9 cards and 6-7 notes, along with an “emergency” check. Feels very solid. The leather is thick, the metal is thick, but still light. You don’t know it’s in your pocket. You can even slip it into a front pocket of your jeans. Comes with a small Torqx wrench to adjust the size and number of cards you can carry. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks and I really love it.


review of trayvax wallet :3

This product is fantastic, I’ve had mine for years and would never go back. Recommend it to anyone who wants a stunning and highly crafted wallet.


review of trayvax wallet :4

Love the wallet. The price is definitely worth it. I’m gonna continue to purchase trayvax products. This is a must have.


review of trayvax wallet :5

If you really love your traditional leather wallet, the Contour is probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a more efficient, functional, and durable wallet, be sure to check out what Trayvax is up to. The contour is a solid piece of technology that will last a lifetime.

– High quality, super durable.
– Great guarantee – 65 years.
– Very functional, more efficient than traditional folds.

The inconveniences:
– Adjusting the hex bolts can be confusing.
– The system can take some getting used to.
– No room for parts – can be problematic for international travel and that kind of thing.
– Heavy – could be problematic for ultra-light travelers.


review of trayvax wallet :6

I have owned a giant “Constanza” wallet for pretty much my entire life. I have always had the desire to carry far more than I would ever need in one day.

sought out slimmer wallets (even bought some cheap ones and discarded them) but have never found one that really made me want to pull the trigger.
I asked my wife to buy me the Trayvax Contour for my birthday this year. She initially struggled with the award, but she eventually got it for me.

couldn’t be happier. The wallet is everything I have ever wanted. It fits what I need to carry on a daily basis perfectly.

around 10 cards and ~5 bills generally at all times. The snap mechanism to hold the cards in place is super intuitive and perfectly effective. It works far better than it looks like it should…
would recommend anyone that is on the fence about the high price to take the plunge just to see what it is like. I really think it’s worth every penny.

review of trayvax wallet :7

This thing is great!!! Even at 160$ it does everything I ever needed. I don’t have any money left. But why do I need any? This thing cooks, works, cleans, and even does my shopping!


trayvax summit wallet

Trayvax   wallets Summit Notebook Bundle- Wallet, Leather Cover, Notebook, Pen

About this trayvax wallets
  • Transforms the Summit minimalist wallet (included) into a leather journal that will fit up to 8 cards
  • Made with Horween oil tanned leather and heavy-duty nylon stitching
  • Includes 20-page all-weather pocket notebook (3.25″ x 2.125″), Fisher bullet space pen with Trayvax branding
  • Integrated pen pocket, extended cash pocket (stash pocket) that provides increased RFID resistance
  • Made in USA
trayvax wallets
                                  credit by amazon




review of trayvax wallets :1

I watched the video on the Trayvax website and checked out the reviews from Amazon users.

What I got was different from the pictures. Didn’t have a window.
Super happy with it

There are two things I don’t like;
1. The notebook is poorly stapled and off center (the binding).
2. I also received the armor plate and trayvax leash. I hate that they have a brand image on everything. Edit: (after a year of ownership, I’m proud to have the name and brand)
Personal opinion. What I got isn’t exactly as advertised, but I like it better than I think.

Please buy the Trayvax products, they are amazing, the build i got was flawless!


review of trayvax wallets :2

The portfolio lived up to expectations. Can it hold cash and cards? Yes. Does it hold as much as my big beak? No, but the little guy is feeling fine and I don’t carry any extra trash. Very well made product. If you want better reviews of their business, check out Talon Sei on YouTube.

review of trayvax wallets :3

Very nice and compact device for a wallet. It remains compact even with a large number of cards. I recommend it to anyone looking to save on bulky wallets.

review of trayvax wallets :4

I really like the wallet, but the pen cap that came with it doesn’t stay tight. Instead of making a fuss, I just replaced it with another one and kept using the wallet!


review of trayvax wallets :5

It’s a very nice product. I like it very durable. It’s my second one that my friend gave me with the original Trayvax


review of trayvax wallets :6

Americans from American parts … I’ve had the Travax Original for 2 years and it’s hard as nails but not the prettiest to look at.
So I decided to get a second wallet, something for the rare occasions when I “clean” up 😎

The Summit wallet in combination with the leather cover and the Fisher Space pen is perfect …

I swapped the included Mark X space pen for a brass bullet version … (I attached the Mark X to the para-lanyard on my original wallet … Fits perfectly. I.

also decided against using it The notebook … I have an index card and some cash in the notebook slot …


review of trayvax wallets :7

I really like this wallet. I’ve always used a triple and decided to simplify / reduce the number of items I carry with me. I didn’t like the notebook door because I felt it was loose. I took the wallet to a shoe store and had the bottom 1.5 inches sewn. It only took a minute and the store didn’t even charge me. I cut off the notebook with a letter opener and stored it and the bills in bulk, exposing both sides of the card holder.


review of trayvax wallets :8

Its very nice product i love it very nice durable this is my second one my friend gave me the trayvax original its good tnx for trayvax


one of the best trayvax wallets products

Trayvax  Wallet | Shadow Black

About this trayvax wallets

  • Fits 1-7 cards and 1-5 bills
  • Heat-resistant steel plate
  • Durable melonite finish
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Integrated money clip
trayvax wallets
                               credit by amazon





review of trayvax wallets :1

Very unique minimalist contemporary wallet consists of two metal plates and a nylon webbing band. 1 of the metal plates is removable and features a opener built-into it and it also provides for extra RFID protection. Holds about 7 cards. are often used with or without the 2nd plate – if you do not use the 2nd plate then you’ll squeeze another card within the wallet.

The wallet itself is that the size of a mastercard with just the round ring attachment the sole part that stands proud past its mastercard size rectangle. there’s also a money clip which will hold a couple of folded up bills. The nylon webbing is adjustable counting on what percentage cards you carry. The metal plates have a lip on the edges to stop the cards from rupture .

One side is open therefore the cards are often easily pushed up by your thumb through the open side to access a selected card or ID.

I really like this wallet because it doesn’t add any extra bulk – it’s bare bones minimalist look and size are an ideal slot in a pocket.


review of trayvax wallets :2

After some consideration, I bought a Trayvax Summit because I needed a slimmer, more minimalistic wallet that’s built tough and may delay to whatever life throws at me unlike most of my leather wallets. Don’t get me wrong, i really like an honest old-fashioned leather wallet (I’m a sucker for the smell of leather!) but i ultimately selected something more along the lines of metal and nylon without the majority and that i couldn’t have made a far better choice! This wallet has me completely satisfied with my purchase, works with my physically active lifestyle, and it’s made within the U.S.A. which to me is like icing on a fudgie-the-whale cake. I added a ranger band and lanyard for my very own added flair. to all or any the people over at Trayvax, thank-you!


review of trayvax wallets :3

Love this wallet. While it’s a touch heavier than most wallets it’s more compact and forces you to believe what you carry. The rfid does work and ha e tested it on various machines. I even have even rubbed the wallet with the cardboard because the first one in against the reader and was unable to urge the scanners to figure . it’s also much easier to hold and straightforward to urge what you would like . it’ll also hurt if you throw it at someone which may be a bonus.


review of trayvax wallets :4

Just what I wanted. such a lot lower profile and fewer bulky than other ‘minimalist’ wallets. If you would like something that completely holds 7 cards, adds little bulk, and is durable and functional without trying to be a Swiss Army knife, this is often the ticket. Built properly right here within the USA.


review of trayvax wallets :5

Just what I wanted. such a lot lower profile and fewer bulky than other ‘minimalist’ wallets. If you would like something that completely holds 7 cards, adds little bulk, and is durable and functional without trying to be a Swiss Army knife, this is often the ticket. Built properly right here within the USA.


review of trayvax wallets :6

Super slim wallet. Very convenient on behalf of me , since i’m a student, I only use my student ID and my open-end credit . Both are very easily accessible from the front and back of the wallet, and therefore the other cards are easy to urge to also . i might not recommend carrying much cash, however, because it has been common for it fall out of the cash slot on behalf of me .



review of trayvax wallets :7

Bought it as a present and he loved it. it’s unassuming because it appears as it isn’t very sturdy. The metal is smooth, light and he was ready to put the whole contents of his wallet and his work id into this. Great gift!


review of trayvax wallets :8

Excellent minimalist wallet. It’s low profile and great utility. It came with the faceplate that works as a opener too. It covers the highest card number and cards are easy to urge in and out. I can shake and no cards fall out. I’m very satisfied.


trayvax wallets discount code

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