October 19, 2021

How women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag isn’t as Bad as You Think

women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag

by me

women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag is One of the most beautiful purses,

it has a beautiful modern design that suits your stylish designs,

and is the focus of your views has been popular among women; combining both luxury and practical design.

has been successful and varied designs purses in recent seasons, is the most beautiful and popular yet, and we were impressed by its elegant design and simplicity of its soft details


women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag


review 1:

The product arrived sooner than promised. I used it the day I received it to go on an overnight event. The bag is compact – you will need to pack only the essentials for your trip as you won’t be able to put a ton of large items inside – I was able to put a large-sized contact solution bottle standing up without issue. There are lots of pockets and places to put small items, credit cards, cash, and your cell phone/charger inside. I liked being able to set my bag in the bathroom area of the hotel, unzip it and have everything in one place – easy to pack up when it was time to leave. Doubles as a purse if you are sight-seeing and don’t want to take an extra purse with you on your trip (removable should strap included). Has magnetic snaps for easy closure. The back of the bag does not have an extra zipper pouch so I was a little disappointed in that.


review 2:

I’ve never been one to carry a purse, I always seem to leave it behind or just get tired of lugging it around. But this bag is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I use it every day as my work purse. Love that it kind of doubles as my wallet with the card slots. Although the shipping took a while, I would definitely order again. I want to get other colors!


review 3:

I absolutely love this bag! It is essential on the go piece. Small enough to bring everywhere, versatile enough for everything you need to bring!


review 4:

Everything can fit in quite nicely with extra room to spare.


review 5:

Very nice looking functional makeup bag.


review 6:

Got this bag after seeing it on twitter. A nice, creamy golden color with clean stitching.
If you’re getting this to fit your iPad (standard size), you’re going to find it a rather tight fit even without a protective case. That being said, it comfortably fits my 8.25″ X 5.5″ sketchbook and materials inside. The cellphone pocket fits my Android S7 even with my Otterbox case, which is a plus.
Overall, a very solid handbag.


women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag


women solid cosmetic handbag capacity bag multifunction crossbody bag
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review 7:

It does hold an 8.5 in x 5.5 in the sketchbook but defiantly can’t fit my tablet in it which is a big bummer.

The top closes with magnets which are set a Lil lower than i would have liked making it hard to shut the bag if anything is sticking up or if the front pockets are too full ( my issue is my EpiPen in the back pocket making it impossible to close) I feels sturdy and I really like the adjustable strap since it doesn’t have metal parts to get my hair stuck in!
Love the color also, it’s the perfect honey yellow, not too neon and not too earthy.



review 8:

This is such a beautiful bag – I’ve already gotten so many compliments on it! It’s high quality and durable. I use it as a smaller briefcase when I just need my iPad Air that’s in a keyboard case, and it holds my half-sized planner and office supplies I need along with it. It’s a little stiff at first, but that’s loosening up with use – I’d rather it be stiff than be floppy and weak, I am super busy and need durability!! One person said the shirt handles don’t allow you to hang it on your arm – that’s true, but the shoulder strap is actually attached very securely.


review 9:

Perfect bag for an iPad, keyboard placed in the center or small textbooks or traveler’s journal. Great storage for pens, money, phone, passport and it all zips up so neatly. Love it. I bought it in black.


review 10:

The quality and design of this bag are excellent! It fits a ton of stuff, organized neatly. Also, when I had a problem, the sellers were very accommodating- great customer


review 11:

I use this bag as an office bag to take my laptop and office notebooks back and forth to work. My Lenovo Thinkpad just fits inside the center sleeve with my extra hard drive in one of the side pouches. Loose papers can slide along the laptop in the center section to avoid getting wrinkled while a notebook and manila folder will fit in one of the side pouches. it is a very nice looking bag and even though the seller was out of the color I ordered, they promptly substituted another color with my approval that I like just as much.

There are only 2 small things that I would change about this bag to make it perfect: 1) Make the should strap wider. The shoulder strap on this is thin like a purse. If you were to really fill this up with all the things this large size bag can carry, the strap will dig into your shoulder. The clasps that attach it to the bag though are very secure. 2) The zippers seem to slide down on me a bit just carrying it back and forth from car to office. Maybe that’s because I don’t have the top fully latched? I don’t really worry about anything falling out but they do slide a bit.


review 12:

I bought this for the organizational capabilities; its great for what I use it for…just an ordinary purse; I did have to tweak the zipper pulls to keep them from working down, but I knew that would happen because the sides are very stiff and sturdy..yes, I would recommend it to a friend









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